Return of the leg!

After making fairly good progress with the rehabilitation of his broken leg, in recent months my beloved has gone backwards. His hip is now giving him serious gip, he can’t walk as far as he did six months ago and he’s finding it difficult to ride his bike for any length of time. He’s recently seen the surgeon who operated on him, who organised a lift for his shoe as the broken limb is now at least 1 cm shorter, which has helped. He also advised that in the fullness of time my beloved would need a prosthetic hip.

When you get to our age, “use it or lose it” is very apt. In an effort to try and improve the situation my beloved has been to see a number of different physios and osteopaths. None have come up with any concrete solutions although their treatments have provided some relief. Finally, my beloved has turned to one of the physios who deals with many of the pro athletes living around here. He’s identified a number of potential issues which we can probably address. It appears that not all physiotherapy is equal, some is just too general, particularly given my beloved’s former and continued lack of flexibility in his hips and back, issues which the injury has exacerbated.

Over the next couple of weeks, he’ll be undergoing a battery of tests and scans to determine his best next steps. Plus, he’s been referred to another local surgeon who’s a leg specialist rather than his own surgeon who’s apparently a shoulder man.

I can understand my beloved’s concerns. He loves sport and, apart from swimming daily, he’s been unable to ride or walk any distance recently. This tends to have a knock on effect on me. My injured knee has now recovered but I’m missing our daily walks and, while I don’t mind using the home trainer, I would prefer to go out on the bike. To be honest neither of us enjoys being cooped up at home, we much prefer the outdoor life. I’m hoping (and praying) he’ll soon be back to as good as new.

16 Comments on “Return of the leg!

  1. sorry to read this. I gues the sports specialist will help better but in any case Le Point and L’Express have ranking of best hospital by specialties here in France to go for the best at least. I know I did even if had no cure for my wife. Best of luck

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  2. Injury and aging stink! And made worse by possibly well-meaning but inept docs? That’s got to be very frustrating. I’m frequently battling one injury or another, and rest days aren’t really an option without a car. All we can do is what our bodies allow, and as some decline is maybe inevitable despite our best intentions, we may not be where we were or want. I’ve been biking a bit more despite the challenges (many of which I don’t mention) but some I do like the heat, walking daily, yoga daily, dietary restrictions (no processed grains this year has been a huge deal with 0 benefits to my weight)… Despite having no major joints replaced yet, I’m sympathetic and wish your beloved and you the best.

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    • Thanks for your words of encouragement. There are times when getting older is no fun! My beloved isn’t handling it well as in his mind he’s still 21. It’s not that the doctors are inept more that there’s only so much they can do. Sadly they can’t turn back the clock. Aside from the long-standing lack of flexibility in his hips, I think the issue is further complicated by former problems with my beloved’s back. These were kept at bay by his riding which improved his core strength.


      • I’ve recently had to develop core strength and better posture to combat back pain. It’s possible without sit-ups, too. Isometrics and planks like in yoga can work. I assume you’ve tried everything like acupuncture, epsom salt baths, and lots of wine and chocolate?

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  3. So sorry to hear that! I can imagine how it is when you can’t do what you love! Wishing the best for you both, and a speedy recovery.

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