My beloved’s going bionic

My beloved has been suffering with his hip for the past couple of months and, as he suspected, he needs to have it replaced. In recent weeks, he’s seen a second surgeon and undergone a battery of tests. These included a telemetry where the length of his bones were accurately measured. Interestingly, his legs are both pretty much the same size, so he’s discarded the lift he got back in June. He also underwent a scintigraph (with radio isotopes) which highlighted an area of osteo-necrosis on the leg, which shows that it’s not properly healed. It also threw up arthritic areas in his left thumb and right shoulder – the result of numerous injuries from years of playing water-polo and rugby!

He’s now scheduled for surgery at the end of October, followed by 4-6 weeks¬† – I’m hoping it’ll be the latter – of intensive physiotherapy at a day centre. Thankfully, he’ll be picked up and dropped off each day which’ll be so much better for me, particularly as I have a million and one things to do.

Naturally I’m feeling somewhat relieved that I didn’t book any vacation over Christmas. My beloved was planning on visiting Thailand to give a series of presentations and we were considering tacking some holiday onto that trip. Fortunately, it never got past the consideration stage.

He’s now counting down the days as he’s currently unable to walk very far, let alone ride, and is in constant pain. I should add that his pain threshold is very low.

Prior to his operation, he’ll be undergoing a further battery of tests, including a dental one and an ECG, plus undergoing physiotherapy so that he’s in good shape for the operation. I’m also taking him away to one of our favourite spa hotels where he can enjoy some relaxing thalassotherapy.

Naturally, he’s a bit apprehensive about the operation but underneath it all he’s revelling in the attention. He’s a bit of a diva¬† – just like the outlaw – when it comes to matters medical. Once again, the person you really need to feel sorry for is little old me who’ll be at his beck and call for several months. Oh, hang on, that should read much more at his beck and call than usual!