Month: February 2019

Thursday doors #7

I’ve spent many a happy hour (and plenty of dollars) in the shop behind this discreet doorway at 693 Fifth Avenue. It was always my first point of call on trips to New York. I first visited in 1997 with an American colleague who… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #7”

Wordless Wednesday

Perils of aging I

Anything that talks about baby boomers tends to catch my eye, particularly since I recently experienced my maiden “Senior Moment.” So as soon as I spotted an article about tech products for baby boomers, I just had to read it. Admitedly the article was… Continue Reading “Perils of aging I”

Birthday bonanza

I recently posed the question as to what my beloved wanted to do to celebrate his birthday at the end of April. He discovered we could fly to Majorca for next to nothing, leaving plenty to splash on a five star hotel. But which… Continue Reading “Birthday bonanza”

Thursday doors #6

Today I’ve chosen a more local doorway, that of l’Eglise Saint-François-de-Paule in Nice’s Old Town. Its construction, and that of the adjoining monastery, took place between 1722 and 1723 on the orders of the the Minims, mendicant friars bound by a vow of poverty… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #6”

Wordless Wednesday

Yet another postcard from Dubai

It was early February and once again we were in Dubai, ostensibly to attend an exhibition onto which we’d tagged a few days’ vacation. Although it had been sunny at home, it had been very cold and a bit of warmth is always much… Continue Reading “Yet another postcard from Dubai”


My new windows are in and I’m as pleased as punch. They do a much better job of keeping the heat in, and the noise, dust and wind out. Thanks to the amount of research I did beforehand over the choice of windows and… Continue Reading “Outlook”

Friday Photo Fun – pets

Today’s topic poses me a bit of a quandary. We don’t have a pet. We’ve never had one. I feel about pets the same way I feel about children. I really like them but don’t feel the need to have one of my own.… Continue Reading “Friday Photo Fun – pets”

Thursday doors #5

Ecclesiastical buildings generally have magnificent entrances, doors and archways. This one is on the north face of Eglise Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis, a church on rue Saint-Antoine in the Marais, Paris. The present building was constructed from 1627 to 1641 by the Jesuit architects Martellange and Derand,… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #5”