Senior moment

It’s happened and I’m going to have to get over it. Another birthday and my first senior moment. I’m on the slippery slope. Next I’ll be “having falls” and buying slippers and cardigans.

When I travel on business with my beloved, I take charge of all those pesky receipts. You know the ones he loses en route or I find months later in the pocket of something.

Having returned from our recent trip to Toulouse and Castres, I took out all the receipts, annotated and sorted them before putting them into an envelope. Their destination was the “expenses” drawer where I store everything until month end. At the same time I dealt with what seemed like an inordinate amount of post, much of which ended up being vertically filed.

Just a few days later I opened the “expenses” drawer but the documents on top were not the ones I was expecting. Where were the most recent expenses and post? I closed my eyes and indulged in a spot of visualisation. I could see myself getting the receipts out, sorting them but not putting them in the drawer. Had they gotten caught up with something else and been misfiled? Had they fallen down the back of the drawer?

I closed my eyes again and realised later that day I’d indulged in a spot of Marie Kondoesque tidying. That’s right. Anything on my desk that no longer gave me joy ended up in the waste paper basket which had already been emptied and sent for recycling! I can only assume that I had gotten carried away and vertically filed the expenses and post.

My beloved was rather enjoying my discomfort though, of course, he was thankful that it was me rather than he who’d had the mishap. He might be tempted to torment me in the future but he’ll soon forget it ever happened.

Luckily my normally excellent memory came to my rescue and I called the hotel and restaurants to request copies of those invoices which could be replicated. For those that couldn’t, such as tolls and petrol, I fortunately had a record on my credit card. My accountant’s not going to be happy as in France the rule is “no justicatif, no deduction” but I think I can cobble together enough bits of paper to keep her happy.

To be on the safe side, I’ll continue to steer clear of slippers and cardigans.

23 thoughts on “Senior moment

  1. I usually have a bag of things to donate in a closet that I add to between visits to the Salvation Army. Just yesterday I was stricken with panic over something I had decided “no longer sparked joy” in an overzealous moment of konmari – thankfully it was still there for me to retrieve but your post made me realise that I’m not the only one taken over by this craze. Good luck with your accountant!

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    1. Yes, I too have had a few overzealous moments when frankly it should’ve gone back in the closet thereby allowing me to shop in my closet in a few year’s time.

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    1. You know that’s with a hint of irony, right? We’ve been married for over 40 years and I’ve yet to meet the man I’d swap him for.

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  2. I’ve already got the slippers, but cleared out the cardigans because.. well, they weren’t sparking much joy and I hardly ever wore them 😀 I’m terrible about paperwork as well and often throw out things that I only end up needing later. I’m glad you managed to piece most of your expenses together in the end!

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  3. Belated birthday wishes, Sheree, and boy that was funny. Also, imagining your beloved’s glee.
    You have shown that a ‘senior moment’ can be salvaged and how. But then, I have had senior moments since I was a child! :-/

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    1. I’m a lot older but have always had a really good memory and, because both my aunt and mother had Alzheimers, “senior moments” rather worry me, and my two sisters.


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