Birthday bonanza

I recently posed the question as to what my beloved wanted to do to celebrate his birthday at the end of April. He discovered we could fly to Majorca for next to nothing, leaving plenty to splash on a five star hotel. But which one, there were so many? My beloved wisely left the choice to me.

As I was reviewing hotel candidates, I reflected on how we had spent my birthday. I had a “day out” in Toulouse. This wasn’t my choice. My beloved had a client meeting in Castres which we’d already explored on an earlier trip. We’d both previously visited Toulouse but those visits had merely whet our appetites to see more of the city. Thanks to the freezing cold weather my “day out” was more of a half- day thus most of Toulouse’s splendours still remain unexplored.

Now, as you know, I’m not big on birthday celebrations which is just as well because I’ve spent plenty of my special days either with my beloved’s salesteams or, alternatively, home alone while my beloved was living it up in the West Indies, Mexico or other such exotic spots.

I’ve noted that he’s pretty much always available to celebrate his birthday. Last year, for example, we spent five days in Paris for his while mine was celebrated at a favourite spot in Seefeld just before we returned from Austria.

In years past I’ve celebrated with a girlfriend – champagne and oysters – whose birthday is a few days before mine. However, she now lives in Paris and her other half makes her day into a really special occasion.

It’s not that I want a song and dance made of my birthday, more an equal sharing of the spoils. My beloved is exonerated from buying me a present. Gift giving is so not one of his competencies. I don’t think it’s unreasonable of me to expect him to plan a pleasant day out together.

I had tried to book one of Toulouse’s top restaurants but, even a couple of months in advance, an early January Tuesday lunchtime was fully-booked! I never leave booking restaurants to my beloved, he forgets all too easily and the time I spend reminding him can be more wisely spent on making the booking.

As soon as we arrived in Toulouse, I spotted a lovely brasserie in one of the main squares and my beloved secured the last available table for two – result – where we had an enjoyable lunch albeit the day after my birthday.

We had travelled down to Castres on my birthday but Monday evening is never a great time to eat out as, along with Sunday evening, most restaurants are closed. Still, we’d brunched the day before at one of our regular spots with my sister and brother-in-law, so I really don’t have anything to complain about, do l?

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