Month: March 2019

UK Mothering Sunday: Happy Mothers’ Day

Mother’s Day seems to be a bit of a moveable feast with it featuring on different months and days around the world. Not that I need to be concerned: I don’t have any kids, just the one big baby to look after. My mother… Continue Reading “UK Mothering Sunday: Happy Mothers’ Day”

The Musette: savoury bread and butter pudding

This is a versatile recipe, great for using up odds and ends, and is a big crowd-pleaser. I think of it as a savoury bread and butter pudding. It’s full of all the things we love at breakfast – bacon, eggs, toast and plenty… Continue Reading “The Musette: savoury bread and butter pudding”

Friday Photo Challenge – sacred

This is a tricky challenge. What do I regard as sacred? It’s got to be family. The picture below depicts my parents, now both dead, with their dearest friends. A life long friendship that was established when my Dad and “Uncle Clifford” undertook their… Continue Reading “Friday Photo Challenge – sacred”

Thursday doors #11

It’s yet another door from Alassio, on the Italian Riviera. Bizarrely, given how often we visit, it’s one I’ve only recently noticed. It could do with a quick clean and polish to better accentuate its handsome features.  I particularly like the door surround and… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #11”

Wordless Wednesday – fountain

Days out: Chagall exhibition

We were recently able to combine a trip to one of our favourite towns, Aix-en-Provence, with a visit to a Chagall exhibition at the Hôtel de Caumont (pictured above), lunch at a nearby hotel (Hotel Le Pigonnet) with a gorgeous garden and watching our… Continue Reading “Days out: Chagall exhibition”

Trip to Sanremo

The first of this year’s Monuments (five oldest one day bike races), La Primavera goes from Milan to Sanremo. A parcours of almost 300km and, aside from the Turchino, all the hills are in the last 60km. I should add these are not difficult… Continue Reading “Trip to Sanremo”

Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off

I was so looking forward to taking part in this challenge but sadly this week has been too busy for me to don my pinny. Instead I have to resort to that old favourite of here’s one I prepared earlier which met the brief… Continue Reading “Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off”

Le Grand Depart 2020

In an earlier post I bemoaned the paucity of my trips to Nice but I’ve recently been there on three consecutive days. These trips were courtesy of the last two stages of the Paris-Nice cycle race, and the presentation of Le Grand Depart of… Continue Reading “Le Grand Depart 2020”

Friday Photo Challenge – entertainment

How do I entertain myself? By either partaking in or watching sport, particularly cycling. Here’s a selection from one of my favourite one-day races, the Clasica San Sebastian, including the race winner Julian Alaphilippe.