Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off

I was so looking forward to taking part in this challenge but sadly this week has been too busy for me to don my pinny. Instead I have to resort to that old favourite of here’s one I prepared earlier which met the brief because it’s a sandwich sponge cake, as follows:

  • Your cake must have at least two layers
  • Your sponge cakes can be any flavour and any colour
  • You can fill your sandwich cake with any filling you like
  • We would like you to decorate the top of your cake
Chocolate and raspberry delight

This is a cake I made for a [cycling] clubmate’s 60th birthday at the behest of his wife. It was my first fancy cake and went down a treat. It was a triple layer genoise sponge soaked in Framboise liqueur and layered with rich chocolate meringue butter cream, topped with fresh raspberries and surrounded by chocolate curls. My beloved christened it my chocolate fort cake. That man has no romance in his soul!


26 Comments on “Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off

  1. Sheree this looks lovely – and you are not the only one. We have had a couple of cake photos from bloggers of bakes they have made in the past. We would love to add your cake to the cake parade. ❤

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    • Yeah, I usually make loaf cakes or tray bakes. The secret is plenty of planning and preparation, plus a great recipe.

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    • I am totally flabbergasted particularly given the quality of the other cakes which all looked scrumpious. You’ve made my week, probably my year!

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    • Thank you! I think he was referring to the chocolate curls which were around the cake looking like logs.

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