Month: April 2019

In praise of charm

One of the things I love about the French is that almost all of them are naturally charming and I’ve found the men to be incorrigible flirts, whatever their age. Let me explain further. Last week I was waiting for yet another delivery. Typically… Continue Reading “In praise of charm”

Trip to Rivarolo Canavese

When my beloved told me we were visiting the home town of one of his new clients, Rivarolo Canavese, I thought it sounded like a full-bodied red wine. But no, it’s a wonderfully historic town just 30 minutes north-east of Turin. We drove there… Continue Reading “Trip to Rivarolo Canavese”

Friday Photo Challenge – looking up

As in not looking down at your phone! It’s amazing how many people are oblivious to the world around them as they gaze as their phones. They lose all spatial awareness and you often have to swerve to avoid them as they’re so intent… Continue Reading “Friday Photo Challenge – looking up”

Thursday doors #15

Here’s another from one of my favourite cities, it’s the entrance to the Basilica of Saint Mary of Coro, a Baroque Roman Catholic Church completed in 1774, located in San Sebastian’s Old Town. My two photos show the main entrance door which is located… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #15”

Wordless Wednesday – beach

Some of my favourite things to do in Nice

We’ve already established that France is the most visited country on earth and, while many of those visitors head for Paris, Nice as the city with the fifth largest population in France is often on the agenda of those all-important visitors. Of course, Nice… Continue Reading “Some of my favourite things to do in Nice”

A moment of madness

A few weeks ago this image popped up in my inbox, and I was about to hit the delete button, when I noticed that this year there would be a 20km event. Before giving it further thought, I signed up. I’m now committed. Then… Continue Reading “A moment of madness”

My potted history of Nice

It occurred to me that before writing about my favourite places in Nice I should share with you my potted version of its long, interesting history. So here goes. Introduction Superbly set on nothing less than the Bay of Angels, Nice has a gleam… Continue Reading “My potted history of Nice”

Friday Photo Challenge – Easter

To those of you who celebrate Easter – enjoy! To those of you that don’t, well you’re going to have to find another excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate. Good luck with that! Weather permitting, my beloved and I will be out and… Continue Reading “Friday Photo Challenge – Easter”

Thursday doors #14

Rather than exhaust my stock of newly photographed doors, I thought I’d dip into my photo archive for a few. This also has the advantage of testing the grey matter to remember when and where it was taken. One of these days I will… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #14”