Friday Photo Challenge – Easter

To those of you who celebrate Easter – enjoy! To those of you that don’t, well you’re going to have to find another excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate. Good luck with that!

Weather permitting, my beloved and I will be out and about on our bikes hoping to offset the ravages of all that chocolate. I just have to find where these two have hidden all the eggs.

9 Comments on “Friday Photo Challenge – Easter

    • As soon as I saw the bunny with the bike I had to have it! You both have a great weekend full of chocolate.

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  1. Found some Italian 72% dark chocolate eggs at Leclerc! I am pretty sure they don’t count, especially if you bikeride out there to pick them up! Happy Easter!

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    • 70% and above dark chocolate doesn’t count as it’s svientifically proven to be good for you! Happy Easter to you too.

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