49 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday #4

  1. The Sweet Pea (or orchid?) is quite good, it’s mostly in focus and with the background slightly blurred. But the iPhone or iPad isn’t very good at macro and is the only thing I now carry my fancy digital camera around for.

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    1. yes, overall the iphone/ipad or most any other phone/tablet camera does not do well with macro because the focus distance isnt close enough. but a long as you know the limits you can get pretty close and get nice photos. then crop. i can get some nice very close shots with my pixel 3 xl. there are some nice lens attachments for phone/tablets that will help.

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      1. Thank you, yes, I actually have an attachment I’d forgotten about as the iPhone X I have is quite good. I stopped using it as it was fiddly to take the phone cover on and off to use the attachment! I must dig it out! 🙏👍

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  2. I prefer my camera for all my shots – I do not yet understand all the functions fully as it has way too many, but i get by these days. 😉

    My smartphone camera has a few user selectable features in the ‘settings’ icon. You may be able to set the position of your iPad’s camera focus, (or choose something like ‘Centre weighted’ as your focus option) that would help with the close-ups. Also you can try moving the lens in and out a few times with the image you want always in the centre and then giving it a second or two at the size of field you want to let any autofocus figure out the best image before you click. 🙂

    Good luck!

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  3. Great job using your iPad and I am glad you are giving it a try with whatever you have. I started my photography journey quite by accident. Happened to take one photo with an old point and shoot that had been my daughter’s. A friend who was a photographer said it was a very good photo. I was surprised wondered what made it a good photo since I had not idea what I was doing and just clicked. That got me reading and learning about photography. Now I don’t go anywhere without a camera. 😊

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  4. What a beautiful photo of the orchid 🙂 Their colors always take my breath away. You’ve made my morning with nature. Thank you! Praying your week is wonderful & blessed ♥

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  5. Macro photography can be tricky even with a camera until you get used to it. My camera doesn’t do well with macro although I am getting a bit better with it. Great picture of the orchid though, they are such a beautiful flower too. Keep at it Sheree! Hope you have a wonderful day!😁📷

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