Friday Photo Challenge – secrets

“Secrets” ……….hmmm, it’s a tricky topic for this week’s challenge. I had to put my thinking cap of for this one, but eventually I found a few photos that fitted the bill. I hope you agree?

I wonder who’s ridden this bike? Maybe they might have some secrets to entertain us?

Like me, this tandem has seen better days!

If this dinosaur could talk, I’m sure he’d have a few tales to tell us. Maybe, even a few secrets?

This really  old property in the Saint Paul area of Le Marais (Paris) must surely harbour a few secrets.

25 Comments on “Friday Photo Challenge – secrets

  1. In my country, it is said that old things have a soul, that is, they saw a lot. It is a pity that they will not tell us. Whoever has imagination, will tell himself the stories.
    best regards

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  2. the old building is an italian specilists wine cellars vinosfera 11 rue François Miron . Nice area but today very influence by tourism and all French go there to set up business. cheers

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  3. I too was stumped when I saw the subject, but I think you’ve come up with some great creative solutions.


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