Friday Photo Challenge – fruits

I love these weekly challenges because it forces me to think about what’s in my photo archives and how I might re-purpose them. I admit I didn’t realise I had so many photos that fit this challenge. Here’s the best ones (IMHO):-

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Friendly Friday

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37 Comments on “Friday Photo Challenge – fruits

    • I don’t have a garden, just a very large wrap around terrace which is exposed to the sunshine and wind. About the only thing I can grow successfully is succulents!

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  1. i go deer hunting in the country . as I drive just enjoying the pastures and sites, occasionally a deer will watch me too. once a horse i watched pointed with its nose across the road and a deer was calmly reaching up nibbling on a tree.

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    • It is a giant mango. The Aussies are fond of these. I’ve seen big banana, crab, steer, ram, lobster and crab. Still to see giant pineapple! The lemons are Italian from outside a green grocers on Lake Garda.

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