Places from our #adventuredownunder we’d visit again

If it’s difficult to whittle down the highlights of our vacation, it’s just as challenging to choose where we’d happily visit again. Our previous vacations in Australia had covered Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide but while we’d investigated much of South Australia and Victoria, there was still plenty for us to still see in New South Wales and we’d yet to visit Queensland. This vacation sought, in part, to remedy that oversight.

We’re unabashed urbanites who love living on the beach which is why we live near Nice on the Cote d’Azur. We never like to be too far from all the amenities. However, we’re not really beach people. I rarely sit on a beach though I do love walking along a sandy beach. I could spend hours looking at the sea and love being lulled to sleep by the sound of waves.

Given that my beloved has already driven pretty much of the length of Australia’s east coast, any further trips to this region will be by plane or train. And we’d certainly love to visit certain parts and places again. Our next trip to Australia is scheduled for winter 2021/22 and we want to take in Western Australia, particularly Perth and the Margaret river. So it remains to be seen how many more trips we’ll take to this wonderful country.

In no particular order, here’s the places we’d happily visit again and I’m going to let my photos do the talking for me.


Byron Bay



Wolgan Valley

Port Douglas

25 Comments on “Places from our #adventuredownunder we’d visit again

  1. Reminded of our chat! 🙂 It is doubly wonderful therefore to make a return to the blog. The featured fellow is top-notch cute. If he wants a home, you know where to direct him. xx

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  2. Yet another great post Sheree and do I even need to comment on your excellent photography again? I have been to some of the places featured here and loved them all although it is a long time ago with my last visit “down under” in 1996, I really must get back.

    I am so glad you are planning to go to WA, Perth is probably my favourite place in Aus and somehow it seems different to the East Coast, you’ll love it.

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    • Already planning my next trip and Perth will be on the itinerary, my sister loved it when she spent a year Down Under. You need to start planning your return.


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