Christmas is done and dusted!

I know there’s a few days to go but I have nothing more to do. I’ve sent the Xmas cards (I don’t buy any presents) and the flat looks suitably festive without going the whole nine yards bearing in mind we won’t be here for Xmas.

Over the years, we’ve spent few Christmases at home and most of those were occasioned by my work commitments. Last year I actually drew up a chronological listing of our various Christmas celebrations. We’ve spent one with the outlaw –  our first and last – eight with my late parents and sisters, three with friends, one in Australia, one in Arizona, one in Dubai, three in Switzerland, two in Germany, one in Spain, seven in Austria, one in Italy and 13 Home Alone.

Since we moved to France, our solitary Christmases have generally been topped and tailed with festivities with friends. Often we’ve eaten at home over the period: oysters and champagne for Christmas Eve and fois gras – sadly now forbidden – for Christmas Day lunch, after our morning ride along the coast. However, if the weather’s been inclement, we’ve happily eaten out at one of the major hotels, just as we often used to do when we lived in London.

As you may have gathered, I’m not a fan of family festivities though, given half the chance, my beloved would have spent every Christmas with my late parents. I however find it all too much:  too much food, drink, television and family. Nice to do occasionally, but not every year. Of course, if we’d had children, it would probably have been different.

This year we’re heading to the sunshine and our maiden holiday together in southern Portugal where we may well stray across the border into Spain. I’ll tell you all about it in the New Year.



42 Comments on “Christmas is done and dusted!

  1. I totally understand that Christmas with family is a bit too much. We will meet with my in-laws for dinner this year, but it’s often pretty stressful. I”m so glad you’ve been able to do some traveling for previous Christmases.

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  2. My husband’s aunt does the same thing. She had a place here in Arizona for awhile until she sold it for a place in the Canary islands. Her home base is in Italy though. She would leave during the holidays when she was out here for Christmas. She would head to Mexico and when Christmas was over she would head back to her home here in Arizona. When it got way too hot (usually April-May) she would head back to Italy. She said she didn’t like all the loud music and crowded shopping centers everywhere during the Christmas season. She did have a point, it does get a little overwhelming. Have a beautiful Christmas holiday where ever you are on this pretty planet of ours, you sure have been to a lot of those places.

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    • Thank you and a Happy Xmas snd New Year to you and yours. Your husband’s aunt sounds an interesting character.


  3. I know I have said it before, but you guys sure know how to live life. How fabulous. Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas in Portugal, May all your wishes and dreams come true for 2020. Have fun and Happy Holidays. Lyn

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    • Lyn, that’s so kind of you. I hope you too have a wonderful time over the Festive Season and are looking forward to more travels in 2020.

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  4. Christmas in Portugal sounds quite divine! Have a great time and as it happens to be one of my favourite places in Europe, I very much look forward to hearing all about it! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Sheree ❤️

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