12 days of Christmas: day 1

We visited Castres again in January of this year, where this time I had a pleasant meander around its Goya museum. But that’s not what’s depicted in the photo. These houses in Castres’ handsome Old Town line its Agout riverbank. They’re brightly-coloured houses, with corbelled façades and basements immersed in the river, and have earned Castres the nickname of “Languedoc’s little Venice“.

The earliest houses date back to the end of 12th century and for hundred of years served as workshops for tanners, “chamoiseurs” and parchment-makers who used the water from the river to work the skins. The basements and sinks were found below, above the dryers or “soleliers,” between the two living floors. Faithfully restored, they are a photographers’ delight and provide the town with a link to centuries past. I confess I love photographs where the subject is reflected in water.

12 Days of Christmas: Intro

For the last couple of years, I’ve selected my 12 favourite photographs that best summarise our year. A selection of these usually make it onto our Christmas card/Christmas letter. This year, largely because I was disappointed with the print quality of last year’s card, I’ve chosen just one photo which will be revealed on Christmas Day.

It’s a difficult task whittling down thousands of photographs. This year I’ve sort of done it on a month by month basis.

Of course, I’ve shown quite a few of my photographs on the blog this year so you might not necessarily agree with my selection. I could have shown a series of photos entitled the “The 12 Best Doors” from various locations but maybe I’ll save that for another year!