12 days of Christmas: day 7

The next few days I’m featuring photos from our holiday in Australia, specifically NSW and Queensland. We had such a magical trip, with so many highlights, that it was difficult just to distill it into a few pictures. Here’s one of the sun setting on Tallow Beach in Byron Bay. We stayed in a hotel in the sub-tropical rainforest just a few steps from here and enjoyed many a walk along the beach, particularly at dusk. It’s hard to believe that there are now fires ranging out of control not far from this idyllic haven and my thoughts (and prayers) go out to everyone affected in NSW and Queensland.

19 Comments on “12 days of Christmas: day 7

  1. Thanks Sheree. It is heart wrenching at the moment and it just won’t go away. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and hundreds of folks are without homes for Christmas. We desperately need serious rain. Lyn

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  2. Austrailia would be a great trip! Always wanted to go there, but for now, I’ll travel vicariously through your post and lovely photos! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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