Five things I like about myself

Dr Tanya from the evolving lifestyle blog Salted Caramel – what a great name! – kindly encouraged me to take part in this new Tag #5things which was started by Sadje of KeepItAlive. It’s about listing five things you like about yourself. You can read Sadje’s original post here.

Well, after some due thought and attention, here’s my list:

1. Positivity 

I am relentlessly positive! It’s probably quite an annoying trait to others. I wake up happy, spend the day with a big smile on my face and quickly fall asleep content. I’m fond of saying: “It never rains on my parade!” Consequently, if clouds do come along, I can always find a silver lining. I try never to associate with anything or anyone negative as I find it saps my energy (see 2 below).

2. Energetic

I’ve always been energetic, leaving exhausted parents, family, work colleagues and friends trailing in my wake. My proud boast is that I’ve yet to meet the child who can wear me out. Friends have put this to the test by “lending” me their energetic offspring and are astounded when they return to discover that they’re fast asleep. Yes, I’ve worn them out! Not sure how long this state of affairs will continue…….but long may it continue. As an aside, my beloved husband says I’m a child-whisperer as I have the knack of quietening crying or bawling kids.

3. Extremely well-organised

I’m a planner. I truly believe there’s nothing that can’t be improved with some lots of planning and preparation. Of course, things can and do go wrong, but you’re much more likely to be able to respond if everything else is under control. My “spanner in the works” is my beloved husband who’s very disorganised.

4. Persistent

Dr Tanya and I have this in common. I’m a bit like a terrier with a bone. I too subscribe to the concept “if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again.” Of course, sometimes we can get a bit ahead of ourselves, but good ideas never die, they merely get filed and are brought out again later. Yes, persistence pays dividends.

5. Sense of humour

I like to amuse. Generally I do this by poking fun at myself, my beloved and the outlaw (mother-in-law). I can always see the funny side of something (see 1 above). However, I don’t foresee a career in stand-up.

If you’ve read this far, please consider yourself Tagged!

51 Comments on “Five things I like about myself

  1. I would call it “Five things I LOVE about myself” because all five points you’ve mentioned I consider more loveable then likable. Either way, it is amazing to be aware of those characteristics about yourself.

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  2. A fantastic list and great post. You’ve great qualities and the wonderful thing is that you’re aware of them and appreciate them too! Thanks a lot for being a part of the challenge.

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  3. I love this tag. Your list is admirable, and you sound like someone I would enjoy spending the day with! 🙂 Also, I envy your energy!

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  4. You have such a wonderful outlook on life, Sheree. I really wish everyone could make the effort to see the silver lining, I always find it, too…even in my darkest hours. Keep shining your light. xo ♡

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  5. Sheree, this is such a wonderful post. I love the concept behind being more aware of what we actually like/love about ourselves. Not in that egotistical, self centered sort of way that is terribly prevalent these days, though. We need to be more awakened to the beauty of who we are. This world is too keen on telling us what we don’t have, don’t do or don’t look like. It’s all a lie intended to sell something and create discontent, anyway.

    Your traits are very admirable. I love the energy and positivity you have. I also love your organization. My belief is much like yours. The more disorganized we are externally, the more chaotic we are internally, more often than not. Just de-cluttering alone for example leads to better mental health! I hope you help people in reshaping their lives into something they actually want to see. Your gifts are much needed, dear Sheree! ❤

    I always love visiting your blog. Have a beautifully blessed day! Keep that smile. It changes people’s day!

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    • Holly, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy visiting my blog and you have a wonderfully blessed day too.


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