Wordless Wednesday

For Carol Anne: it’s a rain-drenched golden retriever, he’s looking at me with big, brown, doleful eyes and approached me for some petting. Even though he was really wet, I happily obliged.

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  2. He or she(how did you know it was a he? You’re not a feminist so not cool) does seem kind of miserable under the rain, my theory having been grown in a family that always had dogs is that he approached you because he wanted food. The dogs seem stupid but no way “Jose”, the little bulldog that mother has, she sees me coming back home maybe at 6.30 p.m after doing some errands that only took me 20 minutes, she runs up to me as she has haven’t seen me in 20 years and is very enthusiastic with me. I look at mother and say ” Told you she loves me” Mother answer back is ” She love you to feed her, look at the time it´s her meal time, so go and and feed the freaking dog you dummy”. She was actually right, the dog ate the food in a blink of an eye. Seemed she was hungry. Actually she is hungry all day long this little monster, drives me nuts by the way. I´m about to commit a dog murder. Maybe you see me in the news…
    I was being maybe a bit cynical, maybe he just wanted a pat on the back. So now we both can say we are true humanitarians.

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    • I knew the dog was a he because I chatted to its owner while giving him a pet. I would never regard any animal as being stupid. They’re so much cleverer than we think. You’ve only got to watch some of David Attenboroug’s wildlife programmes to appreciate that.


      • I don’t need to even watch ” The dog whisperer”, told you I have been always raised around dogs and now dealing with this little nutcase I have to take care off, she drives me insane and the worst part….she´s playing me! She even uses the tactic of physiological warfare making me feel bad. She’s just evil.
        P.S. I was just being a bit “funny” when I asked you how you knew it was a he or she.
        Have a great day Sheree.

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