Happy Valentine’s Day

As many of you know, I tend not to celebrate such events. Not because I’m Scrooge-like but because I dislike their commerciality. I try to make every day with my beloved special, not just one day a year.

This rather splendid (and massive) arrangement was in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel foyer, placed in front of an orchid and succulent garden, set atop a large piece of carved wood, which was also a statement piece.

To the rear was quite possibly the largest bunch of red roses I have ever seen – totally OTT!

If my beloved husband happens to read this, I’ll be more than happy with him attempting to make less or no mess today.

32 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I’ve never been a big fan of the flowers on Valentine’s Day. Like… what a beautiful, and I’m sure expensive, display for that place for it to just die in like… 48 hours.

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  2. Wow those flower arrangements are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them, dear Sheree.
    Haha on the cute message to your beloved. :)) But in case he happens to read this, I’ll also put in a word that sometimes, maybe roses are easier. And might detract attention away from messes. ;))

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  3. 100% with you on this one – why should it be only once a year? Besides, the best gifts are always those that are given just because a person felt like it – not due to a heavily commercialized holiday. At the same time, I love all the cute decorations everywhere – can’t help it 😊

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  4. I like your attitude regarding holidays. I don’t get into them much either. I like the idea of celebrating but am too frugal to over do it. Anyhow, Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m glad I found your blog.

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  5. I dislike the commercial aspect as well, but would never say no to flowers. I’m celebrating today by baking my husband’s favorite cookies. And I WILL clean up after myself, LOL. Happy Valentine’s Day anyway!

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