Day: March 1, 2020

Versatile Blogger Awards IV and V

Once again a big shout out to Steve and Muffin over at Steve’s Country who most kindly nominated me for this award back in October! Steve talks about his and Muffin’s life in the frozen wastes of North America puncuating his regular and charming… Continue Reading “Versatile Blogger Awards IV and V”

We’re at Wembley today

This afternoon at Wembley, my beloved football team Aston Villa FC take on the might of Manchester City, a team whose market value greatly exceeds that of ours, in the Carabao Cup Final. While we’re languishing in 19th place, embedded in the drop zone,… Continue Reading “We’re at Wembley today”

Silent Sunday

Whereby I look into my photo archives and try to find some of my better ones (no easy task!). I’ve decided to pick a few from Australia for the next few months. Four photos from Agnes Falls, Victoria