My Nominees

You should all know by now how this works. If you’re one of the many wonderful blogs I follow (and follow me back) please consider yourself nominated and answer any 11 questions from those below. Go on… know you want to. It helps us to get to know our community better. But, if you don’t want to take part…..that’s okay too!

Hattush’s Questions

1. How long have you  been blogging?

Almost as long as you’ve been on God’s earth however I did have a hiatus for a couple of years where I only posted on an irregular basis because I was blogging over at VeloVoices.

2. Why did you start blogging?

Because I could and I enjoy it.

3. What do you find encouraging when life gets hard?

While life does throw up the occasional challenge, I like to rise to it and totally overcome it. I’m a very confident person thanks to the support of my (late) parents and my long-suffering beloved husband.

4. Which bible character do you identify with most?

None really but it’s not a book with which I’m wholly familiar.

5. Do you have siblings?

I have two gorgeous younger sisters.

6. Do you like to bake? 🙂

I love to bake. Check out my recipes on the blog.

7. What is your favourite type of chocolate?

I was tempted to say any type of chocolate but that wouldn’t be true. I like those with a high cocoa content.

8. Best book you’ve ever read?

I’ve read so many that it’s difficult to say just one is the best. There’s a number of authors whose books I really enjoy such as Margaret Attwood, Kazuo Ishiguro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Evelyn Waugh.

9. Favourite song/song artist?

Again, I find it hard to have an absolute favourite, but how about this one?

10. Greatest way to spend a week?

With my husband which is probably just as well as we’re a week into lock-down here in France.

11. Favourite hair colour?

They do say blondes have more fun but as a long time brunette, I’m not so sure………..

Lauren’s Questions

1. What fictional world would you like to explore if you could?

I usually say that I’m more than happy with this world and it’s true.

2. Are you more of a beach, country, suburb or city person?

I love cities with beaches like Nice and San Sebastian

3. When it comes to charity, how do you like to do it? By “do it” I mean do you like to participate, or do you like to give instead?

If I can I like to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. If I can’t, then I’ll donate.

4. Do you know where your last name comes from? If so, where from?

There’s a town in Somerset called “Whatley.”

5. My partner is currently looking for his first home. If you had unlimited money, what would you want in your house?

A large basement, a wood-fired oven, a much larger kitchen, my own office  and a library. This is in addition to what I already have.

6. If you cook, or your partner cooks for guests, what is a favourite meal you like to cook or have cooked for others?

My husband doesn’t cook, he’s in charge of liquid refreshments. What I cook will depend very much on who’s coming to eat at ours, the time of day and any dietary requirements. Generally, I see having lots of guests as an opportunity to try out new recipes.

7. Do you want to go on American Ninja Warrior?

I have never seen American Ninja Warrior but I suspect from the name it’s not for me.

8. Is there a non-sport, non-“reality” tv show that you are obsessed with, which ones?

Not obsessed with any tv shows though I have enjoyed BBC series Line of Duty which will conclude with series six this year.

9. With everything that’s going on, what is ONE thing you wish you could change, to make it a bit easier for everyone at the moment?

When I first wrote this several weeks ago my answer was climate change but in the light of COVID-19 I should perhaps reconsider and say that I hope someone finds a cure/vaccination asap.

10. Do you have a favourite superhero, or someone you think, who is a real human being, who is a superhero?

My Dad was my super hero.

11. If you accidentally walked into a group of lions, would you be this calm? (Watch from 1:20).