Bushboy’s cafe at home

I don’t generally respond to daily prompts or challenges but this one grabbed my attention. It’s true.  None of us can go out for breakfast, so what are we eating at home?

I thought Bushboy  would approve of my Aussie staple: spicy avo on toast (home made spelt bread) and black coffee. This is what I eat most days. Occasionally, I’ll have porridge or my home-made almond and cashew butter on spelt toast.

The mug was a present from my kid sister and says: « As I suspected I was right about everything. » My sisters have bought me a number of similarly themed mugs over the years. And they’re not wrong.

My beloved’s mug says: « Trophy Husband. » He absolutely loves it! He had yoghurt followed by home-made marmalade on spelt toast. Usually it’s my home-made marmalade which I’m forbidden to share with anyone else but this was made by some French friends. It’s more of a compote than a jam and they’ve left the pips in it. However, he says it has a nice bitter taste.

27 thoughts on “Bushboy’s cafe at home

  1. For me it’s a cup of camomile tea and a bowl of gluten free muesli with three prunes added. Other days it’s gluten free porridge, plus the prunes. A bit limited on cereals as a coeliac but it gets more adventurous in summer when I eat lots of fresh fruit. Occasionally a bacon buttie on horrible gluten free bread!

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      1. We made bread for years in our brilliant Phillips Breadmaker, then when I was diagnosed as a coeliac last year we tried to make bread with gluten free flour. After making enough bricks to pave the drive, we gave up!

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  2. I gave Pam 30 gourmet dinners. This week it was Sicilian meatballs in sauce, homemade french bread, and a salad (romaine, sweet pepper, red onion, pitted olive, cherry tomatoes with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

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    1. That sounds like a good idea Derrick. Luckily we’re very unlikely to run out of salad ingredients or vegetables as there are so many local market gardens. I’ll ask my sister where she bought the mug, maybe someone could buy you one too.

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  3. When I retired, my coworkers gave me a mug they knew I would need to keep on the table so my husband can read it: “A fun thing to do in the morning is NOT talk to me.”

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  4. Sounds wonderful… my trophy husband loves marmalade (I’m not a fan) but we don’t get bitter oranges here. I wonder if grapefruit would work? Will have to give it a try.

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  5. That is one fine looking avocado toast! I haven’t been able to get avocados in weeks thanks to the insane shortages here, so I would do terrible things to pull up a chair and enjoy this breakfast with you. Glad I could at least partake vicariously; thanks for sharing!

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