Month: April 2020

Thursday doors #65

We’re still in Valbonne’s Old Town as I’m rationning my doors. After all, who knows when I’ll be allowed out to photograph some more? Will it be 11 May or later? Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #65”

Trip to Saint Laurent du Var

Our first French holiday home was an apartment directly overlooking the beach at Saint Laurent du Var. Acquired largely due to its proximity to Nice airport, shops (Cap 3000 shopping centre) and restaurants, it was the perfect holiday bolt-hole. Like many towns the length… Continue Reading “Trip to Saint Laurent du Var”

Wordless Wednesday

Photo of an old tram in Port Soller, Mallorca

40 years of Memorable Moments: first French flat

It was only when I started to write about Saint Laurent du Var (coming tomorrow) that I realised I’d never really written about us acquiring our first holiday flat in France. So I thought I’d better remedy that huge oversight pronto. Please bear with… Continue Reading “40 years of Memorable Moments: first French flat”

Sunshine’s Macro Monday #38

Yes, it’s yet more photos captured on my iPad mini while on my daily rambles around our private Domaine! Though, instead of spring flowers, weeds and new tree shoots, I’ve gone for tree bark! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for… Continue Reading “Sunshine’s Macro Monday #38”

Postcard from Portugal (not): Part II

If things had gone to plan, we would’ve been spending a few days exploring Lisbon while celebrating my beloved husband’s birthday. This is the second time in six months, we’ve not gone to Portugal. In the past few years, we’ve tended to make a… Continue Reading “Postcard from Portugal (not): Part II”

Mystery Blogger Awards VII and VIII

I was invited by Rachael’s Novels to take part in the Mystery Blogger Award and I thought, why not? A big shout out to Rachael for the nomination and don’t forget to head over to her site to check out her novels and give… Continue Reading “Mystery Blogger Awards VII and VIII”

Silent Sunday

I’ve been looking through my photo archives and try to find some of my better ones (no easy task!). I’ve decided to pick a few from Australia for the next few months. Seaton Beach, Victoria

The Musette: Aloo Gobi

This hearty cauliflower and potato curry is probably the most common and basic vegetable curry you will find anywhere in India. Originally from the Punjab, it’s a firm favourite across the Indian sub-continent and Pakistan. Cheap, filling and generally vegan, it’s a recipe everyone… Continue Reading “The Musette: Aloo Gobi”

Sculpture Saturday #5

It’s week five of my participation in this challenge hosted by the Mind over Memory blogger and I’ve chosen a statue from the seafront in Nice, near its Old Town. Neuf Lignes Obliques is by French artist Bernar Venet, commissioned to mark 150th anniversary… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #5”