Friday Photo Challenge – isolation cravings

This week Sandy wants to know what we’ve missed during lockdown. As France gently starts to ease a very strict two-month confinement, I wrote about what I’d learnt during the period of isolation. In short, the only thing I really missed was riding my bike on the roads.

Thanks to less than clement weather this week, I’ve only managed two short rides and, while there were others out riding, it was easy to maintain the required 10 metre (33 ft) distance. Everyone was either riding on their own, or with their lockdown partner. There were no groups of cyclists. The French are still abiding by the rules.

Cue lots of photographs of professional cyclists!

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Friendly Friday

10 Comments on “Friday Photo Challenge – isolation cravings

  1. Good for you! I wonder when they’ll those types of professional bikes races again. Certainly the crowds to watch will be a ways off … although, I see in Taiwan and US they’ve kicked off the baseball season with cardboard cutouts of spectators in the stands. Why? I don’t know.

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    • The Tour de France has been pushed back two months and they’re keen to have a one week stage race beforehand. So, if all goes to plan the three grand tours, world championships and some one day races will be held mid-Aug to Nov which should naturally cut down on the number of spectators.

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  2. I’ve missed cake and dining in restaurants. I rarely eat cake or desserts but being unable/unwilling to satisfy that craving has made it 100x more intense!

    It’s a gorgeous day for cycling here in SoCal but I haven’t owned a bike in years (it wasn’t safe to ride around here, pre-pandemic).

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  3. We once were surprise by the Tour de France and almost didn’t manage to get out of the village before they closed everything off.
    I miss riding my bike as well.
    But on the other hand my life really isn’t much different during the Corona-crisis than it was before, I just mainly work from home anyway.
    But I do miss traveling. Still I won’t do it for a very long time, even though I do miss the south of France especially

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