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A couple of months ago – was it really that long? – I was most fortunate to be tagged by three fantastic bloggers: James, Carol Anne and Steve.  If you’re not familiar with their blogs, please check them out and give them a follow.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy Rules

1. List 10 things that make you happy. ( Linking to them, sharing pictures, writing poems about them, jokes etc are all encouraged but not required.)

2. List 10 people who make you happy. ( Notify them of their Tag)

Please note, if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. Well, I’m giving my long-suffering beloved husband top billing. It doesn’t often happen but given that we’ve been together for almost 44 years, and we’ve happily survived over two months in strict lockdown, I do think it’s only fair.

2. Living in France. We moved here permanently from the UK just over 15 years ago and we’ve loved every minute: the gorgeous weather, the fabulous food, the rich culture and the charming French. We wouldn’t live anywhere else!

3. My beloved and I both love watching and taking part in live sport. It’s such a relief to now be able to ride on open roads again. Cycling on a home trainer just doesn’t cut it! Of course we’ll have to wait awhile to watch some sport and even longer to attend a football match but if that’s what it takes to keep us all safe……………….

4. I love relaxing in the kitchen and cooking up a storm at weekends. The more I’m cooking for, the merrier. During lockdown I’ve only been cooking for us though I have slipped some of my isolated elderly neighbours a few baked goodies. I love cooking for and feeding a crowd because it gives me an opportunity to try new recipes alongside a few tried and tested old favourites.

5. Sometimes you just can’t beat curling up with a good book, some quiet background music and a glass of wine. I generally only get the time to do this when you know who isn’t around underfoot, demanding my undivided attention.

6. I love travelling to places old and new. It broadens my horizons. Of necessity, any travel on the immediate horizon is probably going to be a bit narrower and closer to home but, nonetheless, I’ll still enjoy the experience.

7. I really enjoy visiting museums and exhibitions, again because it broadens my horizons and artworks fill my heart with joy. I would buy more if only we hadn’t run out of wall space! My walls are covered in artwork and bookshelves.

8. I find a view of water really relaxing. Our apartment just outside of Konstanz in Germany had a wonderful view of the lake and I could just sit there for hours drinking in the view. Ditto our first French holiday home in Saint Laurent du Var. Water has such a calming effect so much so that our current home was chosen specifically for its view, and its 50 metre outdoor swimming pool!

9. I enjoy writing my blog. It provides some structure and focus to my day something I think I’ll appreciate even more as I age. Plus, of course, I enjoy interacting with you guys. I learn plenty of new things every day which helps roll back the years.

10. Last, but not least, my family. I only have two sisters and since none of us have any children (from choice) we’re the last of our line. I’m closer to my youngest sister largely because we’re more alike and have more interests in common. My younger sister has always driven me to distraction and we’re not so close.

52 Comments on “Tagged: 10 things that make me happy I, II and III

  1. Hello Sheree Thank you for the great answers to the questions. Your art work is stunning and incredible in front of my eyes. I also love art work and have lots on my walls. I hope you and your husband keep enjoying life and having fun. And keep cooking up storms as your isolated neighbors will appreciate that a lot !

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  2. That is a great and wonderful list of things to make you happy! I enjoyed reading this and I can certainly understand why you like the view from your place, just breathtaking! Have a wonderful day Sheree!😃😺🌞

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  3. Wow, those are lovely photos, Sheree! Thank you for sharing… I’m more inspired to live a happy and fulfilling life. ❤

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  4. 44 YEARS?!?!?! You both deserve medals!!! I barely managed 15! Your pictures are all gorgeous. I was so lucky to have visited France one time … my company sent me on a business trip, though my presence was really unnecessary, but my boss at the time felt I deserved it, and … I fell in love with Paris … did not want to leave! Thank you so much for sharing your Top Ten Favourite things!!! A wonderful break for me!

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    • Jill, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, we’ve been together a long time. I put it down the three things: separate bathrooms, no kids and both travelling a lot on business. It means what time we’ve had together has been cherished, quality time. By the way, the Pope made an exception and gave my beloved a sainthood after 25 years.

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      • Heh heh … you should write a book … “How to Stay Married Forever”! I sense, though, that he is a good man, else even the separate bathrooms wouldn’t have been enough. Sainthood? Wow!

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  5. Love it! I agree that a view of the water is very relaxing! In the summer I spent a lot of time at our cottage and it was so relaxing sitting under a tree with a good book and views of the lake 🙂

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