Pesky WP Gremlins

Over the past week or so, I’ve noted that many of the blogs I’ve followed for some considerable time have just dropped off my timeline. According to WP, I am still following you but I am not seeing your posts in my timeline. I’m slowly trying to identify all the affected blogs, yours may be one of them.

This is enormously frustrating and I have reported the issue to WP. I know we all get beset by these gremlins from time to time and I hope my issues will shortly be resolved. So, if you were wondering why I hadn’t been “liking” and “commenting” on your wonderful posts…………that’s the reason and many, many apologies!

68 Comments on “Pesky WP Gremlins

  1. I wasn’t aware of such a thing but now that you mention it there are quite a few blogs I follow that seem to have disappeared. 🤔. I still see yours though happily.

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  2. I an often beset by the gremlins in various manifestations and have used that very word with the WP HEs. Often, there’s no explanation. I wonder how much is due to the changeover to Block Editor as of yesterday.

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    • This has been going on for a couple of weeks. I don’t think I can blame it on the change of Editor, though I could blame the slow response on it.

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      • But they’ve been working in the change for a while. A couple of weeks ago was when I tried to add an important update to a published post. It got swept away six times. I spent hours with various HEs who couldn’t fix it. Blamed it on my browser, which I changed. Then blamed my computer. I finally added the update as a response to comments.

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  3. There has been so many updates lately I similarly enduring the same problems. Happy Engineers, support have not responded to this for some time. We run Bussiness Enterprise and no help 🆘

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  5. This problem is one of the many WP has. I follow you. I know I do because your posts appear in my Inbox each time you post. But according to your site when I scroll, that little floaty thing on the right asks me to follow you. I have been told not to mind what the blog site shows, I am following you and don’t bother to click ‘follow’ because it will just mess things up. I am sure they mean ‘mess things up further.’

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  7. Thanks for sharing this helpful info and your Gremlin photo. It made me laugh. 🙂 (I recently updated my blog, so I’m not sure you would even recognize me anyway!) But I do still see you and enjoy your posts and photos.

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    • Melanie, thanks for the comment. Sadly, your blog is one of the one’s that has disappeared from my timeline yet I’m still following! It’s very frustrating so I’ve just had a bit of a catch up. Hope you’re well and staying safe.

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  8. Same issues. It’s so weird. With two blogs, I’m not even seeing my own. I hope yours gets sorted out soon. Mine happened Monday so far, as the third time this year.

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  9. Well, all the above testimonies bear out what I was going to say about you not being the only one it’s happened to.
    You’re still showing up in my read list though. Hang in there. 🙂

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  11. You are not alone, Sheree. (When I reverted to the Classic editor after struggling with Gutenberg for about a year my viewing figures reduced. I have persevered with the new, much better, editor and viewings are back up to what they used to be).

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    • Fortunately, I’ve been getting yours but there are loads that I haven’t. Seems a perennial WP problem.


  12. I have the same problem lately though it seems to be mostly sorted out now but a few blogs are still gone, unfortunately yours is one of them! Sigh.😳😕

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