Silent Sunday #21

I’ve been scouring my photo archives to try to find some of my better ones (no easy task!). I’m picking a few from Australia for the next few months or so.

World-renowned Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei exhibited a new edition of his Forever Bicycles sculpture in the entrance to The National Gallery Of Victoria, in Melbourne CBD. 3,144 interconnected bicycles formed a three-dimensional structure creating an incredible visual effect. Yong Jiu, literally translated as “forever”, is the foremost bicycle brand in China; Ai re-interprets such everyday found objects in an abstract and symbolic way.

27 Comments on “Silent Sunday #21

  1. Your ”Gremlins” post worked. 🤪🤪🤪 All the followers are back. The terminology is a ” Bloated.” if your plugins conflict, or do not need to be added to your blog post, you will lose the followers. 🤪😂

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  2. My photograph really doesn’t do the sculpture justice as light bounces off all those shiny bikes making it appear larger.

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  3. Ai Weiwei presented a similar work a few years ago in Toronto for a Nuit Blanche. It was the most popular installation, normally the audience can circulate between the rows of bicycles, but there were far too many people there that night.

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