Friday Photo Challenge – unusual

It’s a toughie this week from Amanda, who says:

Photographers often claim to have captured photos with unexplained objects in them. Some turn out to be a simple case of double exposure, minute dust particles or even reflections, called Orbs, whilst others cannot be fully explained at all.

Do you believe in UFO’s or the Unusual?

I know I haven’t captured any photographs of UFOs and I would probably have deleted any photos with orbs. What’s a girl to do?

I’ve really had to scrape the barrel with this one!

It’s incredibly unusual for us to get snow on the Cote d’Azur, but it does occasionally happen for a few hours.

What about an uncannily life-like hologram of local boy Hugo Lloris, captain of the French World Cup winning side and goal-keeper for Spurs.

You wouldn’t expect to find Guy the Gorilla in the middle of a medieval village now would you?

I’m much enjoying these weekly challenges hosted on alternate weeks by either Amanda or Sandy because they force me to think about what’s in my photo archives and how I might re-use them.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, why not join in the fun?

Friendly Friday

37 Comments on “Friday Photo Challenge – unusual

  1. A friend showed me a photo she had taken in an underground former temple that had orbs in which she was incredibly excited about. I however was more distracted by the column of shadow that was there which was half way down the room, rather than against a wall and there was something about it that seriously freaked me out. I’m not normally one for UFO’s and orbs as being anything other than planes or dust but that almost seemed to feel like a pillar of pure evil.

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  2. ♡ I AM an Impulse Photographer so My Passion for photography is about the same as a Vegans appetite for meat; there is something I have to share and that is I Regularly SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) “Orbs” out of the Corners and Edges of My Eyes


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  3. You did well Sheree – more than enough to satisfy the prompt! Your photos are indeed unusual. – love the gorilla. The juxtaposition of two incongruent objects grabs the attention! Thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday.

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  4. Back when I lived in Michigan, a house near me had a long gated driveway with something that looked like Guy the Gorilla out was interesting to say the least!

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  5. I’ve never taken any weird photos personally, but when my wife was taking photgraphy in highschool, she captured a strange photo of a boy floating above a river. We still have the photo.

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