One from the vaults: Stay calm, count to five and exhale

We’re heading back to 2016 today where I discuss my beloved’s ability (or lack thereof) to buy great presents.

Just over three years ago, my beloved bought me an iPad mini. I was sceptical at first but it’s become an indispensable part of my life. It goes everywhere with me. It’s the first thing I reach for when waking up and the last thing I look at before going to sleep. Just in case you’re starting to feel sorry for me, please remember my beloved travels a lot so I’m often home alone.

This morning the screen froze while I was reading a newspaper online. I rebooted but it just returned to the frozen screen. Initially panic set in as I thought this might mean a trip to my local Apple Store where I knew I would encounter lots of indifferent Gallic shrugs, little assistance and be advised there were no appointments for the next three weeks. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt! Instead, I googled the problem and found plenty of advice to help me through the few steps needed to resolve the issue – phew! Crisis averted.

It’s amazing how dependent we become on these devices. I can honestly say it’s the best present he’s ever bought me. Regular readers will know he’s not a giver of great presents so, much to his relief, I have banned him from buying me any. Indeed, my blood runs cold when he utters the words “I’ve bought you a little something!” That’s because we’ve been together for over 40 years and I can count on the fingers of one hand all the really great things he’s bought me.

Yes, I know I sound ungrateful, but I hate to waste money. You have to understand that my beloved gives very little thought to the actual purchase and is far more likely to buy something he’d like. Also, purchases tend to take place in airport duty-free while he’s rushing to catch a plane – not necessarily a conducive environment.

Unfortunately, my beloved has a hard act to follow. My late father was a purchaser of great gifts par excellence. He would spend hours trying to find the right coloured scarf to go with an outfit, or handbag or a piece of jewellery to delight or a beautiful handkerchief. Gifts don’t have to be expensive but they do need some careful thought as to what would please the receiver. He’d buy things throughout the year for little surprises, birthdays and Christmas, never once disappointing any of his four girls. My beloved is never going to assail those dizzy heights.

Indeed, my beloved will only go shopping if we’re going to buy him something. I generally don’t allow him to shop on his own, he’s very susceptible to the charm of the shop assistants and I’ve long suspected he’s colour blind. His distressed purchases, when an airline misplaces his baggage, bear witness to this.

But I digress. Usually, if  I entrust him to buy something from the airport, I specify what he should buy. I find it’s much safer that way. He was recently entrusted by a group of businessmen with purchasing gifts for the two Chinese ladies who’d accompanied them on a recent trip to China. Needless to say, I helped him choose the gifts otherwise I dread to think what they would have received! I also keep a stock of gifts suitable to give to clients, particularly those in the Middle and Far East, where an exchange of gifts is typical.

My favourite gifts to give and receive are consumables. French goodies go down very well while I’ve recently, and gratefully, received white tea, imperial rice and a selection of Indian spices. I’m still using up all the liquid and alcoholic gifts my beloved has received over the years, most of which end up in my cooking. I suspect we may never exhaust all of them. Likewise, our local charity shop has been the “lucky” recipient of many of our unwanted gifts. How many daggers mounted in picture frames does a girl need – none!

My last employer had a catalogue of corporate gifts, the Swiss Army knife being a particular and always welcome gift. I recall giving the all-singing, all-dancing version as a birthday present to a senior executive with whom I was negotiating to acquire a plot of land for the company. My birthday was later that month and he reciprocated with a wholly unsuitable gift – Blonde perfume and matching body lotion by Gianni Versace. I opened the gift at a table surrounded by our respective advisors and you could hear a pin drop when I revealed what was inside. I think I murmured “How thoughtful”  while appreciating my beloved wasn’t alone in buying unsuitable gifts!

29 Comments on “One from the vaults: Stay calm, count to five and exhale

  1. Those devices! I hate admitting this but I am such a dinosaur that I remember I was one of the techie snits who poo-poohed tablets. So under powered! Not a REAL computer! No one will use it! Bound to fail!
    Fast forward 25 years and I’m proven so so wrong. I’m still not a iPad lover but now we have at least four devices going in our house at any one time 🙂

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  2. I have a husband that can’t shop for anything. He buys the wrong perfume. I have been wearing the same one for 51 years. I ask him not to buy anything. Since the start of dementia he bought me a box of Whoppers from Family Dollar that weren’t even crisp. Now that is a bad birthday gift.

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  3. Cute story. The older we get the less we need so consumables are very appropriate gifts now. I have a similar good night and good morning routine. It works for me.

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  4. He is lucky to have you! My husband is the same way. I reverted to putting anything I want on an Amazon list. Then he can just click and buy. Have a great weekend!

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  5. 😂🤣 Oh my goodness still cracking up cause he must be an Aussie Guy. I remember when I turned 21st Birthday, 🎉 he was so anxious to take me outside for my present 😂there on the ground was a tin flat bottom boat for 2! Plus a motor and 6 fishing rods. “Happy Birthday, Dear and then he packed it up to his tow bar 🎯 said goodbye and never came back until Monday 🤣😂😂😂

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  6. Oh, I can so relate! My late ex, on the Christmas before we divorced, bought me a slinky nightie and a bottle of cloying perfume. Excuse me, but it was mid winter in the mountains and flannel pajamas would have gone over much better. And, I don’t wear perfume because I have severe asthma … wouldn’t you think that after 15 years of marriage, he would have figured that one out? One year for our anniversary, he bought himself a car and told me I could buy myself a microwave oven. Wow, huh? At any rate, you’ve made me laugh tonight, so thank you!


  7. We once bought a bottle of wine for people who’d invited us round to dinner prior to a housesit. The sit was in France, they are English. Later, I looked in my bag for something, and found the bottle had mysteriously made it’s way back there. ‘Oh we don’t need that’, shrugged the hostess. We must also fall into the category of hopeless gift givers!


  8. Your beloved is not alone at buying unsuitable gifts, I bought my wife a dishwasher for Christmas when we were newly wed. She was kind and overlooked my mistake, or maybe not- I recall she gave me a weigh scale for my birthday. Lol

    Now she picks her own gifts, tells me that they are from me and what good taste I have.

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