Silent Sunday #29

I’m still selecting photographs from our many trips Down Under. This one is from the Gippsland Lakes (VIC) and was taken in 2016 while we drove from Melbourne to Sydney.


20 Comments on “Silent Sunday #29

  1. Just lovely—makes me want to go there pronto.

    Sheree, I’m sorry to put you on the spot, but I have been having a few WP problems, and I’m trying to gauge how far they’ve reached. Specifically, my posts aren’t showing up in Reader, and people tell me their “likes” haven’t registered. I wonder if you have either not seen my recent posts or tried to like them and not seen the result.

    Please don’t be embarrassed to tell me if neither issue is relevant. I know how busy you are with your own blog—and life.

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    • Your posts, despite me being a follower, are not showing up in my timeline. You’re not the only one, I’ve so far identified over 40 bloggers that I follow whose posts I no longer see. I hsve reported it to WP but they’ve been unable to resolve issue. There are also posts which I see but can neither like nor comment. Those WP gremlins are working overtime! Now let me go snd check out your recent posts……


      • Thank you so much! You have been one of the quickest likes I get, and WP essentially said “Nonsense—nothing wrong here!” I’m very relieved to know I’m not losing it—mentally and/or bloggily!”

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