Vincent Ehindero Blogger Awards V – VII

I’ve been most fortunate to be nominated by three wonderful bloggers whom I would like to sincerely thank for thinking of me and my blog:-

– Artista10 who shares amazing real life stories on her blog.

– Darrel Philip for great news, poetry and opinion pieces on his blog.

Amy who wisely tells us all not to fake who we are because we want to impress others.

If you don’t already follow these great guys and gals, go and check out their blogs. You will not be disappointed.

My Nominees

I follow so many fantastic blogs with interesting, funny, beautiful, sad and thought-provoking content. How could I pick just 30? Plus, I know, a number of you have “Award Free” blogs – nothing wrong with that.

Please feel free to join in with this award, answer any 10 of the questions below and thank you.

Artista’s Questions

1. What inspires you to write?

Life is more than adequate inspiration.

2. What is your favourite thing to do?

There are so many things that I love doing that it would be hard to choose just one. Regular readers will know I’m not fond of “favourites.” But, in general, I love doing things with my long-suffering beloved husband so my answer would be anything with him.

3. How do you deal with stress and anxiety?

I am and always have been a seriously chilled person! The only person who stresses me out is my beloved husband.

4. How long have you been writing?

Since I first learnt to write.

5. What is your favourite thing about your family?

They live in another country! I’m not kidding. I only have two sisters and see them regularly when they visit.

6. Do you like animals? If so what kind?

I like animals but preferably those that aren’t intent on stinging, strangling or biting me.

7. How do you feel about your life at this time?

I’m very happy with my life.

8. What do you like to do for hobbies?

Cycling, watching sport, walking, cooking and baking, travel, blogging, reading, listening to music, gardening

Darrel’s Questions

1. What is an example of something good to have come from your lockdown experience?

A reminder of how much I love where I live on the Cote d’Azur.

2. Which blog is currently your favourite and post the link here?

I follow thousands of wonderful posts. It would be impossible to pick a favourite something that would be an anathema to me.

3. Why do you blog?

Because I can!

4. What are the features of a great blog?

Great content whether that’s photos, prose, articles, whatever……..

5. Who is your favourite writer and why?

More favourites! But if I have to pick one I’ll go with the late Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I’m trying to improve my Spanish so that I can read some of his works in their original language.

6. What is your favourite book and why?

You’d have to support your local football team to understand this one: Colin Schindler’s “Manchester United Ruined My Life.” Of course, Colin’s now having the last laugh.

7. Where in the world would you like to take a vacation?

Thanks to the pandemic I’m taking staycations but at least they’re (IMHO) in the most beautiful country on God’s earth.

8. When is the best time to write/blog?

Whenever you feel most like doing it.

9. Where does your motivation to write/blog come from?

My life.

10. If you had the opportunity to be stuck on a desert island with anyone from history to the present day, who would that person be and why?

I’ve been asked this question before and my answer’s the same, my beloved husband. Fancy being stuck on a desert island with someone you didn’t know? It could be an unmitigated disaster.

Amy’s Questions

1. What gave you the push to start blogging?

Taking part in a challenge where I needed to keep my supporters updated on my progress.

2. Are you proud of the progress you’ve made so far? If not, why?

TBH, it’s not something I really think about. I enjoy it and that’s reward enough.

3. Is blogging a profession or a hobby for you?

Purely a hobby.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully, still alive and still blogging.

5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a blog to make money.

It would be inappropriate for me to hand out that type of advice as I don’t make any money from my blog, nor do I want to. I leave that to those who do.

6. Where do most of your views come from?

No idea, it’s not something I check but it’s probably from countries that speak English or where it’s widely spoken.

7. What’s your post frequency?

I try to post daily and have an established routine of posts.

8. Are you doing the most when it comes to fulfilling the demands of your niche?

I don’t have a niche, my blog is very general and i write what I want. If someone else wants to read it, that’s a bonus.

9. How many friends have you made from blogging?

A surprising number, I’m not keeping count.

10. Do you ever regret any of your posts? If the answer is yes, why?

No because I’m very conscious that my blog could be read by anyone, anywhere and I take care over what I post.

Challenge Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  2. Make a post of the award (with a Photo of the Logo).
  3. Post the Rules.
  4. Ask 5 – 10 questions of your choice.
  5. Nominate 10 – 30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.
  6. Thank the originator of the award who has given us a platform whereby bloggers can be discovered and recognised for the work that they do. Please follow Vincent’s blog here:

70 Comments on “Vincent Ehindero Blogger Awards V – VII

  1. many congratulations once again on this well deserved award Sheree and your answer about the chance of an unmitigated disaster in a desert island with a stranger did make me laugh! Great responses! 😂😂😂🏆💯

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats! 🎉 I’m not too keen on the nominating business, it’s actually quite difficult to do and up to 30 seems like a heck of a lot! I chuckled at your answer to question about whether you like animals – you might want to add scratching to the list of things you don’t want them to do. My cat looks cute but he doesn’t retract his claws. I’ve really gone off animals that can scratch! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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