Sculpture Saturday #23

This large duck sits in the gardens of a hotel we stayed in a couple of years ago, Château des Tourelles, Pornichet – La Baule. It rather amused me as I have a much smaller rubber version that sits in my guest bathroom.

An extensive internet search sadly does not reveal the duck’s provenance.

This challenge is kindly hosted by Susan Kelly over at Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition.

Share a photo of a statue or sculpture – go on, give it a go, you know you want to!

28 Comments on “Sculpture Saturday #23

  1. historical property that came from ruins in the 50’s to a starred property today in a nice beach town. The canard has no historical signifance just a decoration when the place was renovated. Cheers

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  2. Google up ‘giant rubber duck’, There’s a series of them made by a Dutch artist that have been put in a few harbors worldwide. I first saw it on the Science Channel. 🙂

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