One word Sunday: bright

Should I pick something that’s a bright colour or where the sun’s bright or both?


I’ve decided to join in with Debbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday challengeDebbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday challenge, largely because she sets them well in advance – always an advantage in my book. In addition, she’s a fantastic and inspirational photographer.

29 Comments on “One word Sunday: bright

  1. Hmm….very good choice but I’m wondering why the blue one( on the left) doesn’t have an entrance. Unless you crawl in the cubby hole beneath the big space???

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  2. Nice to see you here, Sheree, and the answer to your question is “yes.” 🙂 You got both sorts and I just love the colors of these adorable little huts. I also really like that Debbie puts her challenge theme out in advance. I have enough going on to just get posts put together for the challenges I know about, rather than just having them sprung on us. I’d like to see the Lens Artists Challenge theme done the same way.


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