Virtual afternoon tea: still (just) sitting in the sunshine

Don’t you just love virtual events? Where would we be without them in these difficult times? Today I’m joining Sue from Zimmerbitch – isn’t that a fabulous blog name? – in New Zealand. So, of course, Sue’ll be tucked up in bed fast asleep by the time this puts in an appearance.

New Zealand’s hurtling towards summer while here in France we’re enjoying the remnants of an Indian summer. It’s not yet autumn but there’s a nip the air, I have my Humgarian good down duvet back on the bed and my mind has turned away from salads and cold soups towards warming curries, soothing spicy soups and comforting desserts.

Sue’s whipped up some ginger biscuits with which to enjoy her afternoon tea. Sadly, I cannot abide ginger biscuits. Ginger is a spice I love in savoury foods, much less so in sweet ones. So I’m bringing along a few sweet treats for us all to enjoy, some of which are vegan and gluten-free. I can still enjoy an afternoon cuppa on the balcony but I’m wearing a sweater rather than a t-shirt. How about you?


37 Comments on “Virtual afternoon tea: still (just) sitting in the sunshine

  1. Your treats look pretty good and I am looking back for the banana bread. Out temps are cooling but still back and forth. Hard to decide what to wear.

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  2. Oh my word! Spoilt for choice. I foresee a spell of gluttony 🙂 🙂 Still t-shirt weather here except for early mornings and after dusk.

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    • ♡ Today was Hot Fish Soup; later, Ham so Lurrrv The Pig who’s had a good life


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  4. Lovely treats. I always get excited when I find yummy gluten-free vegan treats. And, as for tea habits, I sip steaming tea even in summer on my deck. Now, it’s fall and I’m still at it. Now with a jacket. 🙂

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  5. No, I don’t like virtual gathering at all. I want to be all together nibbling each treat and sipping tea! I detest the lockdowns and don’t think they’re helping us beat this virus at all.

    Hate me, disagree with me, or agree, I don’t care! I just want us to get back to normal and be together to share these wonderful tasty delights, and just be together sharing life and stuff! The longer we don’t the more freedom we give away. Let’s not do that! Please! Liberté, égalité, fraternité!!

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    • Non virtuals are so much better, I think we can all agree on that point. I’m less sure about lockdowns since I know two people who’ve died of Covid and five who’ve had it and recovered. I’d prefer not to run the risk of getting it.

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      • Me either! I am wearing a mask when grocery shopping and keeping my distance from people I don’t know. I’m using the strategy of better to safe than sorry.😄

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      • Exactly! We’re doing likewise but over here we have to wear a mask when we’re outside of the home.

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