Day: October 31, 2020

The Musette: lemon cream

It’s not just my beloved who believes no meal is complete without dessert, all my French friends are of similar minds. They don’t necessarily want something hearty, often preferring something small, yet rich and decadent. This fits the bill. I love this dessert because… Continue Reading “The Musette: lemon cream”

Sculpture Saturday #32

Today’s sculpture is by Picasso which is exhibited in the Picasso Museum, Paris. It was created in 1950 while he was in Vallauris. It’s of a girl skipping and is made from a mixture of materials including wood, ceramic, iron and plaster. This challenge… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #32”

How coronavirus spreads

After my latest post on the Covid situation in France, I had quite a lively discussion with a number of you. This prompted me to look out an article which best explains how the virus is transmitted through the air, particularly indoors. Sadly, there’s… Continue Reading “How coronavirus spreads”