How coronavirus spreads

After my latest post on the Covid situation in France, I had quite a lively discussion with a number of you. This prompted me to look out an article which best explains how the virus is transmitted through the air, particularly indoors. Sadly, there’s too much information out there, much of it misinformation.

This excellent article (link also below) from the Spanish newspaper El Pais (albeit in English) beautifully illustrates the issue using the example of a living room, a bar and a classroom. While the coronovirus is not as infectious as measles, scientists now openly acknowledge the role played by the transmission of aerosols – tiny contagious particles exhaled by an infected person that remain suspended in the air of an indoor environment for up to nine hours – yes, that long!

How does the transmission work? And, more importantly, how can we stop it?


To end on a more lighthearted note, here’s a cartoon from one of my (many) cycling friends, which makes the same point.

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  1. Love the cartoon! I have also seen something similar to this from the American CDC, but the recommend for cycling to only cycle in groups if you can keep it to 3 others who are quarantining in your bubble. This is because in a group ride, no-one knows what distance the aerosolized virus can travel while cycling at speed. Thus to achieve 100% protection, just solo cycling for me!
    Be well and great information!

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  2. The chart is pretty accurate from all of my research also. I’d also whole heartedly agree that there is a TON if misinformation coming from all sides about this. I’m still in the “all reasonable caution without hysteria” camp myself.

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  3. The main problem as I see it is as soon as restrictions are put in place loads of people want to find a way of avoiding them and claiming dubious reasons for exemption.

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  4. The main issue is the Wuhan Virus which all govt are trying to hide but I have been there!! This is a P4 maximum security biological warfare lab built in Wuhan near the market with technical help from France in 2015. Leaked, Chinese army put by force all inside homes 56M folks, doctors who spoked have disappeared but one virologist escape thru Hong Kong and now in USA talking. There will be more when more are willing to speak up. All is quiet on the western front even the eastern lol!! Stay safe….

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  5. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ 95% of us have developed Immunity, 100% are in LockDown to prevent “spread” to the vulnerable; 5% should be in Confinement for their protection while the 95% healthy go about Business as Usual, THOUGHTS!!! EveryOne 🤔 ?

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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  6. I saw (posted?) a similar pic but the last one was something like the person saying “I’m vegan”.

    I cannot comprehend how soooo many people still don’t understand air transmission! A bunch of restaurants in NY set up outdoor dining “globes”… plastic tents to keep the cold put. Uh, hellooooo…. even if it’s outdoors, that’s an indoor/enclosed space!!!!!

    But why should I expect different given the mixed msgs from prez Cheato? This week we hit 90,000 new cases in a day, while his “science” team issued a report that Cheato had ended the pandemic. I believe they meant “ended caring about”!

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  7. 9 hours is a lot of time enough to spread the virus wildly. True, there’s a lot of misinformation from any sources, we should be keen on what we consume. I like the biker joke😏

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  8. Good chart and article. Our maskhole politicians (some of them) actually make fun of people who are wearing masks, while hosting super spreader events and shouting during a “free to them” but at taxpayer expense rallies. People eat this up with a big, unwashed spoon.

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    • My husband is working on ways to organically kill coronavirus in dental and medical surgeries and equipment.


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