Great Achiever Blogger Award I

Back in August I was most kindly nominated by Rejoy Dey for my maiden Great Achiever Blogger Award. Rejoy is an Indian animal lover who wants to become a zoologist and I sincerely hope he does. Don’t forget to visit his Teenage13 blog and check out his posts. If you’re an animal lover – who isn’t? –  you’ll love this!

My Nominees

Many of the awards are lighthearted but this one is intended to tackle some of the big issues which we’re all grappling with globally. If you’d like to join in, please do and answer Rejoy’s questions either in the comments below or in a post of your own.

Rejoy’s Questions

1.Why does peace matter?

Peace is an essential underpinning of development. Conflict guts economies, wrecks societies and breaks social bonds. It does incredible amounts of damage in ways that makes it hard for countries to recover, to grow, and to thrive.

2. Do you think global warming has impacted you? How? (If not, you’re an alien or even worse a Karen)

Scientific consensus is overwhelming: the planet is getting warmer and humans are to blame. The signs are everywhere, and are more complex than just climbing temperatures. The heat is melting glaciers and sea ice, shifting precipitation patterns plus it’s forcing people and animals to move habitats. We’re all impacted whether we’re aliens, Karens or neither!

(A Karen is slang for an obnoxious, angry, entitled and often rascist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilged position to get her own way or to police other people’s behaviours.)

3. You are the President/Prime Minister of your country. What do you do?

Follow through, to the best of my ability, on the mandate on which I was elected.

4. You can bring back one extinct animal to life. What is it?

Can I save the koala from extinction? Currently listed as vulnerable, the koala is being considered for official listing as endangered after the summer’s bushfire disaster and ongoing habitat destruction on the east coast.

5. You see a new follower on your blog. What is your reaction?


6. What is the thing you do to forget past?

Why on earth would I want to forget the past?

7. What is overthinking to you?

Overthinking = thinking too much, so much that you can’t translate thoughts into actions or positive outcomes thereby creating feeling of stress and anxiety. I don’t and never have suffered from overthinking!

Award Rules & Regulations

1. Thank the person who nominated you, with a link to their blog.2. Make a Post of the Award with a Statement on Concept of PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT as above. And Tag your post with the #greatachiever.3. Mention the rules and regulations.
4. Ask 7 questions of your choice. One of the questions must be about “PEACE” and one about “SAVING ENVIRONMENT”.
5. Nominate at least 7 fellow bloggers or at most 21 bloggers and notify them.
6. Follow @kamalsbloggingcafe ( to secure certification as a badge to get a chance of collecting badge of GAMBA WORDPRESS SHINING STAR AWARD for PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT. For more details visit

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  1. Congrats Sheree. These are interesting questions and you’ve answered them well. I will tackle these questions later, thanks for the open invitation

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