The End of the Line Award

You’ve most kindly nominated me for all sorts of different awards, for which I’m truly grateful, but it’s time to call a halt. I’m going to become an award-free blog. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed answering all your questions but the cupboard is bare, there’s literally nothing more to tell or share. So, I’m shutting up shop before you all get heartily fed up of me.

I’ve typically scheduled the award posts early on Sunday evening (CET) and I’m going to replace these with a series of posts called “French Fancies” which will start in the New Year.

66 Comments on “The End of the Line Award

  1. I’ve stop accepting awards for the same reasons. I feel like I’m answering the questions in different ways but they’re basically the same answers. That and it takes really a lot of time to set up a blog awards for me…

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  2. You’re answers are always entertaining and to answer questions multiple times can get old. Looking forward to your new series’. I wonder if many dogs are award free because of the expectation of answering questions and having to nominate other bloggers.

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  3. I personally appreciate your taking a stand on this. It seems to me that the award business on blogs is little more than something resembling a high school popularity contest.

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  4. I think new blogs are the place for awards, it is a good way to ‘get out there’ and attract more followers. It does get old fast, though. I find them an honor, of course, but rather like those annoying chain letters that used to be popular in the snail-mail days. “Thanks for thinking of me, but no thanks!” 😉

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  5. I also stopped accepting awards, it was beginning feel like the teenage chain letters we all used to send. And of course Facebook, which I gave up for similar reasons.

    That said, if I were to give an award, I would definitely have you top of the list for the top Chef award. 🙂

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  6. You have done it so well for quite some time Sheree and I admired you for it, but for me, it was not my thing. My reason for my blog was always just to share my adventures and along the way I have met some wonderful people like you Sheree which has been the frosting on the cake. Lyn

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  7. ♡ Sorry to SEE (Soul Emotional Energy) YOU!!! Off Control Freak; perhaps THINK!!! again and SUMMARISE!!! and I WILL!!! Definitely Miss The Recipes


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  8. Well, Sheree, I have always enjoyed your blogs and I have Nominated you for Blogging Awards due to your creations with your blog. I know we are honoured to have this new French Fancies. Either way, we have another manner to look forward to hearing from you Sheree; View From The Back !! God bless you !!

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  9. I never got nominated and though maybe I could be in petit pei jelly, not really. They never seemed like awards, more like chain letters threatening bad things if you didn’t respond. That’s not an award, that’s a trick or homework. Nothing wrong with promoting others, just call it what it is. Anyway, I support your decision and admire your discipline of having series.

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  10. I remember reading award blogs and wondered when I would get one. I finally did and then they came like dominoes. After a while, they stopped being fun and much like you, I have given up on them. I think they can be a blessing for new writers/bloggers, but there comes a time when they need to end.

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  11. I will enjoy your blog no matter what you do. I have never had the time to post the award posts. Although I have been grateful, as you are, they look time consuming. Looking forward to your new posts.

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