The same procedure as last year

It’s time for my “12 Days of Christmas” where I post my favourite photos from this year, some of which are lucky enough to make it onto my New Year Greetings card. Understandably, this year the photos are largely local!

I’ve paired the photos, one from each month, with a track from one of my favourite artists. I was going to select Christmassy songs but, frankly, I’m not that big a fan. Instead, I’ve chosen tracks that relate on some level to the chosen photo from one of my favourite artists, which was unbelievably difficult as I pretty much like all of his back catalogue.

Then I’m going to take my usual break from blogging between Xmas Day and New Year largely to do some much needed blog housekeeping. This year however there’s another imperative. I’ve used all my capacity on the WP Premium Plan but don’t really want to upgrade to a Business one which has loads of bells and whistles I don’t need, so I’m looking into alternatives.

Never fear though as it’ll give me more time to read your blogs, drool over your wonderful recipes and feel envious of all your fabulous photos.

Here’s a classic piece shown traditionally in several countries on New Year’s Eve. This is a newer version of the 1963 original, but with the original actors. It made “same procedure as last year?” a household phrase.

32 Comments on “The same procedure as last year

  1. The video was unavailable. Probably not licenced for my area.

    I agree with Brian and Andrew. delete some of the older blogs and images, you can always make copies in Word if you need to retain a copy. And I totally agree with resizing images, most themes won’t show your images on screen above 1000 X 800 pixels (approx) so uploading full size takes up.
    too much of the storage allowance.. Good luck with the WP housekeeping, been there too!

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  2. Oh Sheree. I hope you can solve this problem.

    I’ve read somewhere sometime ago that videos chew up space but I must admit I don’t post videos. I just archive my favourite posts ever year deleting posts that seemed to disappoint my efforts. Like you, I delete posts and photos from the media file but then, I don’t like doing that if I can avoid it.

    I don’t know when you first started but the 3,000 plus followers show your blog is quite popular. I started years ago and promptly lost my password. Back then I had no idea how to retrieve it. Out of the blue in late 2017 I found the password in an old diary. That’s why my post numbers are down.

    Anyway, I hope it’s all sorted soon.

    PS. Have you use the ? at bottom right of wordpress screen? They may have some suggestions.

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  3. Sheree I had the exact same problem a few years ago. I contacted WordPress and told them that the next level was too expensive and that I wouldn’t use most of the new bells and whistles. They suggested that I use an outside source for my photos and it’s worked like a charm.
    The account is free but I think after a few years I also used up my storage options and I pay a fee but it’s much cheaper than WordPress. Give it a try. It won’t cost you anything to try. Here are the steps after you create an account.
    1. Upload the photos you want from your computer …. press choose
    2. Press Upload
    3. Embed Codes – choose size and press copy
    4. Go back to your post and copy to Custom Html – Press preview and voila

    I know it sounds like a lot but it becomes routine and goes pretty quickly.
    Hope this works for you.

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  4. I just came back to see the basis of your 12 days. You take great photos. I wasn’t ably to play video.

    Oh gosh not sure what I will have to do if I reach my limit. Good luck with housekeeping. Maybe I should house keep too. My wp media is all over the place.i find wp is a bit weird especially when I reuse old photos or quotes it puts them in the media again, which it shouldn’t…!

    All the best. A merry Christmas and happy new year in advance

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