Challenge Your Camera: #1 Architecture

This is another new challenge for me.

I love typical Basque buildings with their red shutters, such a contrast to the white walls. This one’s the Town Hall in  Ainhoa.

Another typically Basque building but this time it’s from Bayonne.

I love me a spot of property porn and there’s loads of it to drool over near Bordeaux. This is just one of the many wine producing chateaux.

The Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, Paris is always a popular spot.

Lastly, one of our local architectural treasures, the famous Negresco Hotel on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice.

As a way to brighten our weeks, each week Dr B from Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar is selecting a single theme to point our cameras at or to encourage us to display a few photos from our collections.

If you would like to join Dr B in #challengeyourcamera then here’s what to do:

1. Follow Dr B (link above) to discover the chosen weekly theme.
2. Select or take a few photos related to the week’s theme
3. Post your own photos that week, on any day you like.
4. Include a caption with each photo so we all know what/where it is
5. Include a ping back/link to Dr B’s blog in your post so that he’s notified, can follow you back and can appreciate and comment on your choices.
6. Include the tag #challengeyourcamera

In addition:

1. Dr B will follow you back
2. He will encourage other posters to follow you
3. He will list each blogger in my weekly post

It’ll be fun, why not join in?

22 Comments on “Challenge Your Camera: #1 Architecture

  1. Hi Sheree, thanks very much for joining in my challenge, I just knew you’d be the first as you have a go at everything! Some good examples of different architecture in your choices, I like the Basque buildings especially as I have no recollection of noticing buildings like this before. Somehow they remind me of Alsace but slightly less ornate.
    I see you have a new theme …. which I like, quite minimalistic in design, but I can’t find a menu to move around 😂. Also, I don’t know if it’s connected but I “lost” you again as someone I follow so it’s lucky you linked to me ….. so now “refollowed” you …… again! I’m new to running challenges so may mess up a little at first, I intend to highlight participants in each challenge the following Monday in arrears …. hope that works. Thanks again for having a go, next Monday … very different!

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    • Still struggling with my new theme! I’ll get there in the end. I had to change to one which didn’t need header photos. There are at least 50 blogs which I still follow and for which I no longer receive emails nor do their posts appear in my timeline! Allegedly it’s to do with capacity on the plan. Good luck with the challenge, they take time to get properly established.

      Liked by 1 person

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