One from the Vaults: Handed over and out

Last week I talked about some of the trials and tribulations of being the Cycling Club Secretary and Treasurer. This week, I’ve resuscitated a post about my handover of duties to the new management team after my three years in the role ( 2010 – 2013).

I popped into the club yesterday evening to complete my three-stage handover to the new Club Secretary and her adjoint – why did I not have one of these? As I entered, the pair of them along with the new M Le President, were gazing uncomprehendingly at the club computer. They told me it didn’t work. I switched it on and “Lo and Behold”, it functioned. Wonders will never cease.  They then asked me how the  large printer next to the computer worked. This is a bit of a shaggy dog story, so bear with me.

Some years ago, having discussed the possibility of acquiring a computer for the clubhouse, M Le President was seduced by an offer in a local supermarket. He bought the computer without authorisation from the rest of the management team. The computer runs on its own slightly compatible Microsoft-like software. M Le President acquired the large professional printer in a similar fashion ie without authorisation, though this time from a bankruptcy sale.

At this point I should perhaps remind you that M Le President was Head Honcho at the local fire station, and used to having his own way, but technology wasn’t one of his competencies! Sadly he failed to acquire the all important lead linking the printer to the computer which I finally managed to track down some 18 months later. At the same time I learnt we needed a Microsoft operating system on the computer in order to use the printer. Microsoft doesn’t and cannot run on this particular computer. Not a problem as I just used to attach my laptop to it to run off the printing.

Yes, a classic example of non-conjoined thinking! The new secretarial combo looked aghast, clearly they’d anticipated being able to use the club’s facilities to carry out their new roles.

They wanted to know what I had used. I gently explained that I made use of my own laptop for the club’s business. The new M Le President demanded to know what had happened to the technology acquired by our predecessors who had run the club for 10 years prior to us. I explained that I had absolutely no idea but I could confirm that anything and everything we had acquired was in the clubhouse and available for everyone to use.

Luckily we had a licence renewal so I was able to show them once more the steps and paperwork to record the transaction. I had left the new Secretary a couple of envelopes but explained they would need to acquire some stationery as again the old management team had used their own supplies for the benefit of the club.

I then advised that there were cheques to be paid including the insurance on the club’s cars. The new M Le President didn’t seem to think it mattered that the invoice hadn’t been settled, he had after all a copy of the insurance renewal. Good luck with that if anything happens to the car. I know exactly how much you’re going to receive from the insurers. It’s a big fat zero. But he wouldn’t be told.

My conscious is now clear. I have handed over all the documents, notes, checklists and idiot’s guides but, as they say over here:

on ne peut faire boire un âne qui n’a pas soif.

28 Comments on “One from the Vaults: Handed over and out

  1. It is said that cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people, to diminish their merits, there is nothing saying that they have actually been replaced effectively.

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  2. I wonder how many of us have had similar experiences with people in authority who will not be told how to do something. They think their authority gives them greater wisdom. Thanks for giving me a smile today, just enjoying your quiet insight and pleasure in leaving them to it!

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  3. Now you know I had to use Google translate for the donkey….lol Isn’t sad how much people are taken for granted until they are gone? You will be missed.

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      • No, this was some years ago. The President and I built up the club to support local young riders and racers. Once the new president took over, everyone knew he’d do the absolute minimum, and that’s what happened. Luckily, there are plenty of cycling clubs in the area. Most if our racers went to Cavigal in Nice or Monaco. A lot of our other members went to a well-run club in Cagnes, while a number of us joined one in Nice which is supported by the Mayor.

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  4. When I was getting ready to retire, I was complaining that not everyone seemed interested in learning what had to be done. He said “your job was to carry the pail this far. Put it down and let the next man carry it from here. You did your job well.”

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