Sculpture Saturday #41

There’s one more prominent sculpture in Cagnes sur Mer that I’ve yet to cover. This one’s at the entrance to the hippodrome (race course). It’s a 3.25 metre (10 1/2 feet)  bronze of a horse (2007) in full flight called « Il n’y a plus d’obstacle » (There’s no more obstacle) which was produced by Sacha Sosno (1937-2013), an internationally renowned French sculptor and painter. 

In his last decades Sosno achieved international recognition for his monumental outdoor sculptures on the Côte d’Azur.  Along with: Yves Klein, Arman and Cesar he was part of the New Realist (Nouveau réalisme) movement. Sosno had a singular artistic approach: the concept of obliteration. His sculptures are masked by spaces, inviting the viewer to use their own imagination.

This challenge is kindly hosted by Susan Kelly over at No Fixed Plans.

Share a photo of a statue or sculpture – go on, give it a go, you know you want to!

11 Comments on “Sculpture Saturday #41

  1. I made a public sculpture maquette for art college once. If it was ever to be made full size of around eight foot, it was to be placed in front of the gates of one of the sanctuaries of Casa Alianza. Three painted concrete pillars, bullet proof of course, because the police at the time were killing street kids! Various sizes, with the one in the middle smallest, one on one side slightly bending over to protect the middle one and the other larger pillar, in a sort of protecting stance towards the front (as if concrete can take on a stance).

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  2. One of my family’s best friend went there to start a new life after divorce Cagnes sur Mer , is on my list to visit. Cheers

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  4. The idea of obliteration is quite novel. It’s a compelling sculpture that attracts attention and can’t be overlooked.

    Thanks for taking the time to participate.

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