Challenge Your Camera: #5 Steps n’ Stairs

I must have taken loads of photos of stairs, if only those leading to church doors!

Turns out I didn’t have to dig too much to find plenty of examples.

Church door and steps in Biot
Stairs leading to the seating in the Roman Arena in Frejus
Steps leading from the swimming pool at La Bastide des Moustiers
Stairs leading to municipal offices in Menton
Flight of stairs in Eze
Windy stairs in Tourettes sur Loup

As a way to brighten our weeks, Dr B from Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar is selecting a single theme to point our cameras at or to encourage us to display a few photos from our collections.

If you would like to join Dr B in #challengeyourcamera then here’s what to do:

1. Follow Dr B (link above) to discover the chosen weekly theme.
2. Select or take a few photos related to the week’s theme
3. Post your own photos that week, on any day you like.
4. Include a caption with each photo so we all know what/where it is
5. Include a ping back/link to Dr B’s blog in your post so that he’s notified, can follow you back and can appreciate and comment on your choices.
6. Include the tag #challengeyourcamera

In addition:

1. Dr B will follow you back
2. He will encourage other posters to follow you
3. He will list each blogger in my weekly post

It’ll be fun, why not join in?

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