Sculpture Saturday #45

Another civic sculpture, this time from Brisbane, rather reminiscent of the Daleks (from Dr Who) which I found seriously scary as a child. Still do, truth be told.

This is Clytemnestra part of Forme del Mito which is a group of bronze sculptures (shown in video below) from Brisbane’s Expo ’88. These were purchased by Brisbane’s City Council and relocated in 2018 to King George Square as one way of marking 30 years since the event.

Designed by Italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro in 1983, the Forme Del Mito is derived from the Greek tragedy of Agamemnon. Each figure represents a force and principal character from the tragedy.  Pomodoro (1926 – ) worked largely from Milan though as a sculptor of world renown, his work has been exhibited around the globe.

According to him:

Sculpture must be projected into space in order to remove, as far as possible, the weight from the material and the work’s fixed base. I have always tried to express movement as an intensification of a condition of imbalance in order to create a striking contrast to any stasis or any reached or predictable order.

The pieces in the group represent:-

  • Il poterePower – Agamemnon
  • L’ambizioneAmbition – Clytemnestra
  • La macchinaMachine – Aegisthus
  • La profeziaProphecy – Cassandra


This challenge is kindly hosted by Susan Kelly over at No Fixed Plans.

Share a photo of a statue or sculpture – go on, give it a go, you know you want to!

14 Comments on “Sculpture Saturday #45

  1. “… seriously scary as a child”
    Yeah, me too! And they were the ones that couldn’t get up the stairs! Lord knows how kids coped with the ones that could!!

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  2. ❤ Brave Girl, confronting your fears by get up close and personal with the “dalek”; suitability impressed 😃


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  3. Those Daleks were scary. Such a genius show that they could make an R2D2, small, typically cute robot/creature, scare people. Thanks for playing along.

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