Here we go again………

Parts of northern France but also the south-east whete I live will go back into full lockdown from midnight today to battle spiralling Covid-19 infection rates.


The départements are mainly in northern France and the Paris region where Covid-19 infections have been surging in recent weeks.

While the national infection rate stands at 266 cases per 100,000 inhabitants the incidence rate in the Paris region of Île-de-France was 446 per 100,000 and in Hauts-de-France the rate was 382 per 100,000.

One département in the south east – Alpes-Maritimes (incidence rate 418 / 100,000), which includes my home town of Nice and part of the French Riviera, will also go into full lockdown instead of just the weekend lockdown imposed last month.

Schools in these départements will remain open but we’ll still be subject to the nightly curfew which has been imposed nationwide since the end of the second lockdown on 15th December.

From Saturday the curfew will begin at 7pm rather than 6pm to take into account of the clocks changing and the start of daylight saving time – whopee!

We’ll be allowed to exercise or get some fresh air for an unlimited amount of time each day as long but only within 10km from home. Again, we’ll need an “exemption certificate” (attestation) as during previous lockdowns.

More importantly, we’ll not be able to travel outside of our départements under the new lockdown nor will visitirs be allowed to travel from other parts of France.

Only essential shops and stores remain open, luckily this includes bookshops, though not hairdressers. By the time this is over, people will be calling me Rapunzel. My hair is already half-way down my back.

The full list of départements is as follows:


Aisne (02)
Nord (59)
Oise (60)
Pas-de-Calais (62)
Somme (80)


Paris (75)
Seine-et-Marne (77)
Yvelines (78)
Essonne (91)
Hauts-de-Seine (92)
Seine-Saint-Denis (93)
Val-de-Marne (94)
Val-d’Oise (95)

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Alpes-Maritimes (06)


Eure (27)

Seine-Maritime (76)

44 Comments on “Here we go again………

  1. I feel as though we have been in lockdown in the UK for just about forever.
    Our schools wet back on the 6th March, so far so good, and on the 27th, two households will be able to meet outside, but it is a phased return to normality and it will be June before we are back to anything like normal.

    It’s been a difficult year, and especially for those who are clinically vulnerable and those who live alone, but I remain convinced that lockdowns are the only way to stop the virus infecting and killing more people. And let’s face it, if the rules had been followed by ordinary people, the infections would be far less and none of us would be in lockdown.

    I was a little mystified by the above comment from bcparkinson – a crime against humanity! Did s/he mean the lockdown or the virus?

    All the best with your new lockdown, I hope the vaccination program gets back on track pretty soon and you are able to come out of lockdown.

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  2. Here in Frankfurt the corona rules seem to change from week to week, but at present both the bookshops and the hairdressers are allowed to open. This month I had my second vaccination and a week later even a haircut, so I’m feeling much more optimistic now.

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  3. Sorry to hear that Sheree, here we were just put back into the red level which is one step away from full lockdown. We can only go shopping for essential items, just one person, can’t associate with other households, we can go out for exercise but maintain social distancing. Cases here are rising a lot and the UK variant is here now too. Only people 80+ can receive the vaccine right now, all seniors in care homes have been vaccinated plus the care workers. Our province has declared officially that we are in a third wave now. Stay safe Sheree!😀😺🌞

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  4. only restos/bars and non essential like a clothing store are close, the rest is open. The traiteur , hairdresser, hardware store all open and free to drive this is Bretagne the region of the Bretons. Sorry to hear you best of luck its only 4 weeks…..

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  5. Sorry about that, Sheree, I mean, Rapunzel. 😉
    This is one nasty virus, I hope we can turn the corner on this pandemic soon. In the meanwhile, more baking and blogging!

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  6. Sorry about that ! It looks like we are all on this carousel until governments have a clue what they are up to. Hope you get your jab soon!


  7. Sorry to hear that you’re returning to lockdown. I completely relate regarding hair. My roots are just awful and I haven’t been able to get a trim since November. Our lockdown is never ending in Ireland, although there’s a gradual trope of schools at least. Stay well!

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  9. ☹ I live in USA. We moved states last year and a big reason was lockdown laws. We lived in a tourist town. Wine country. Somehow all residents were forced to stay home but downtown was still open for tourists. It didn’t make sense to us. Not as bad here but still most is closed. I’m ready for everything to open back up.

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  13. My mum lives in Eure. Interesting that book shops are deemed essential. The interpretation of essential in the UK is pretty interesting too.

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