Sunshine’s Macro Monday #82

I’ve been out and about again with my trusty iPhone6 snapping away at the local flora in the Domaine’s gardens.

Sunshine’s Macro Monday Challenge is hosted by Irene a formidable photographer who encourages us to scrutinise the smallest of details by getting up close and personal and bringing someone or something to life in a photograph. It’s a one day challenge without prompts. Feel free to join in and brighten everyone’s Monday.

27 Comments on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday #82

      • Quite lovely here Sheree, thank you. Beautiful sunshine, 17 degrees and everyone’s out and about, thank God! All good over there?

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      • Sadly no we’re back in quasi lockdown as ICU is choc full. We need to barricade our borders (Alpes Maritimes) to visitors.

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      • Yeah I heard, what a shame. Now we’re getting all the French tourists and the Germans and they can travel wherever they choose but we are confined to our province. Well, things will get better. Take good care and and stay well Sheree. All the best,

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