Day: March 26, 2021

Friendly Friday Challenge: something learned

The Friendly Friday Challenge is now a fortnightly challenge co-hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About and Sandy from The Sandy Chronicles.  This week and next Sandy has challenged us challenged us to Foto post about SOMETHING LEARNED recently or during the last… Continue Reading “Friendly Friday Challenge: something learned”

Cee’s Flower of the Day #61

This is such a lovely challenge, showcasing beautiful flora – flowers, shrubs, trees, bushes and leaves – throughout the year. Cee’s challenge is all about bringing a little beauty and colour into our daily lives. Who wouldn’t be in favour of that? Challenge rules,… Continue Reading “Cee’s Flower of the Day #61”

One from the vaults: For want of a spoke, the race was lost

Come the end of March, I’m usually looking forward to a trip to the Basque Country over Easter and beyond to watch the cycling stage-race Itzulia. I had hoped to be heading there this year……..but we all know what happened to that plan. Here… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: For want of a spoke, the race was lost”