Sunshine’s Macro Monday #91

Many apologies but I’ve been having problems uploading photos thanks to changes to WP and DropBox where I store my photos. Unfortunately, I’ve used up all my WP storage space and rather than upgrade to WP Business Plan, which has too many bells and whistles that I neither want nor need, I’ve been uploading photos from DropBox. This has worked well for the past 6 months, until now………I do hope you can see this week’s three photos.




Sunshine’s Macro Monday Challenge is hosted by Irene a formidable photographer who encourages us to scrutinise the smallest of details by getting up close and personal and bringing someone or something to life in a photograph. It’s a one day challenge without prompts. Feel free to join in and brighten everyone’s Monday.


33 Comments on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday #91

  1. I can see all three phots and they look great. Can you teach me how this works and I no longer have any room to store photos and yours have turned out great. I understand dropbox, but how do you get it from loading to your WP gallery. I have tried pasting phots directly, but WP says “no” rather emphatically.

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      • I tried it, but it still said my quota was full. Could you please go into a bit more detail how you do it. Do you use the photo block and add the URL, or embed it? How do you size the pictures before you make the link? I need a bit more “step by step”
        Should I use the dropbox website, or the one I installed on my computer (they are the same, but they seem to react differently when I copy the URL.
        Thank you.

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      • Anthony, sorry but I’m sans WiFi at the moment and frankly struggling to do anything, let alone post photos. I click on the photo I want and copy the link to the photo which I then embed in the post. That’s it, I don’t resize. Put out a general call for help and folks way more talented at this than me will respond with more detailed words of wisdom. Apologies 😞

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      • I will try everything. In my last post, one picture went through, but some people have told me that they could only see one.
        Thanks for all your help. I don’t know if I embeded both pictures or only one. WP threw up a flag when I posted it, so we will see what happens next time.
        When I copied the link in drop box, it said I was missing something. I will keep at it.

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      • Never heard of this, but I will also give it a try. Whenever I tried “pasting ” images before, I always got a pop up note from WP that I had no room for images.

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      • For one image have to click on the box with the addition sign and click on Custom HTML and paste my photo there. Hope this is helpful.

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  2. Yes I see all three but this is why I haven’t posted anything on my own in so long a time. My brain just doesn’t want to figure out the ever changing things at WordPress…maybe some day.

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  3. Ahhh… DropBox…. I didn’t think to try that! I see all 3.

    When I run out of space (which will happen again very very soon), I export then delete media from years ago. I think 2010 or 2011 is next.

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  4. The leaves are beautiful. I started blogging in 2013. I usually take part in writing challenges but I doo add photos. I have all the photos in my computer. So i delete the earliest photos as I keep adding new ones.

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