Still No Internet

Many apologies but I’ve been struggling to get our internet service re-established after it was cancelled by persons unknown.

I have twice been promised reconnection and I’m hoping it’ll be third time lucky on Tuesday, a week since we were cut off!

Luckily I had already scheduled some posts but I’ll have to suspend these now until Tuesday. Wish me luck, I certainly need it.


Well, today’s the day my « cancelled » WiFi service was due to be switched back on. However, it now appears that despite protestations to the contrary that there is a technical issue!

I’m suspecting Orange didn’t want to own up to this because my contract promises to resolve technical problems within 8hours. It’s now a week!

Fortunately my beloved has been able to access WiFi elsewhere and continue working but it’s been mighty inconvenient.

Have now resorted to lightning candles and praying – it can’t hurt, can it?

76 Comments on “Still No Internet

  1. It’s very annoying, particularly when you didn’t cause it and have tried to get it re-established. You will prevail (hopefully sooner rather than later).

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  2. Sorry to read this as I have orange too very good service online. They have peaks periods during the day where sometime they go off and bring it back right away. I cannot believe my life without internet at home!! Best of luck!

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  3. A recipe using blood(bath) oranges, perhaps?

    Sorry you’re experiencing this frustration. I find these techie things matter a great deal more than they should!

    Hope you’re soon back uninterrupted.

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  4. I am very sorry to hear about your difficulties madam 🌹. I hope that the issues become revolved, but not so much because of your blogging activities but because I just care about you and your concerns in general 💕💕

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  5. What crap! Life must have felt you needed a break. I hope you’re back online soon. Don’t forget to demand that your bill be adjusted!

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  6. What an ordeal sorry to read this. Each story is diff but Orange has been great to me, just got a call from them to confirm my appt to change my mobile phone saturday. There is a technical line to call and a technician will do it over the phone and if not they will send one home at your charge; nver has to do this always fix over the phone. Hang in there what can I say..Best of luck

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  7. 💜 No “apologies” necessary Control Freak; it’s Simply a Sign to Change “Internet” Service Provider ((ISP is the TLA (Three Letter Acronyms))), there ARE Plenty Out There ALL Competing for YOUR!!! Custom, My Very Reliable Recommendation is Vodafone


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    • 💜 P.S. Control Freak 3 Merged with Vodafone; more power to the elbow together I Guess


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      • 💜 If I Was a Betting Person I’d lay odds on this; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that YOU!!! of ALL French Folk WILL!!! Source a Better ISP than “Orange”


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      • 💜 “Orange” is indeed Blessed, Fortunate and Privileged; very good, carry on Control Freak


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