Latest lowdown

I have to be grateful for small mercies this morning. PCGuy Betrand has successfully migrated everything over to my Mac though I am going to have a bit of a tidy up (typical British understatement) as there’s stuff on there from 2003. I shall be going into delete mode for the rest of the week.

Orange Pro finally contacted me yesterday as per programme but still no WiFi service. They’re ringing me again today so maybe……just maybe. I’m still living in hope rather than expectation.

Thank goodness the sun is shining and I can ride to rid myself of my IT frustrations.

Thanks for all your supportive comments, they’re much appreciated.

48 Comments on “Latest lowdown

  1. 💜 Good to Hear Control Freak; perhaps, if YOU!!! Get No Satisfaction with Yet Another Fruitless Call, “PCGuy Betram” could be engaged to act as liaison…because of the technical nous all the right technical questions would be asked; with No DisRespect to Non-Techies, quite often, There is a Breakdown in Communication with The Questions Asked and Answered when There is a Technical Issue being discussed Betwixt Techies and Non-Techies, Good Luck!!!


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  2. It would be no good for you to be too stressed out over this, so it’s good that you can take rides because your psychological well-being is so much more important my friend. I am sorry that the issues persist but don’t give up 👍✨

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